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Today was a great day in South East Texas. The weather wasn't melting the trees, and until at least 10:30 am, the winds were relatively smooth. That gave me a chance to take out my two new E-Flite 1.2m warbirds: the Mustang and the Corsair.

The first few flights with each were with calm conditions, and they were textbook beautiful. The takeoffs and landings with both were worthy of being put into WWII movies. Then the gusting winds came.

The winds were directly in our faces with a 90 degree crosswind with steady wind at around 3-5 kts and gusts up to 12 kts. For these little foam planes, that's quite big.

I had some trouble with each plane's first takeoff. It was embarassing. Both planes got off the ground before they were ready which resulted in both planes bouncing hard on the ground before getting back in the air. Both sustained minor damage on the bounce: the Mustang knocked a dummy tank off its wing while the Corsair actually took damage to the landing gear mounting bracket that required repair at the field.

After taking a 20 minute break, I regained my wits and went out for touch and go's and made a lot of progress. While my last landing (or two) of the morning with the Mustang were not so pretty, they were safe and didn't do any damage. Since the winds were gusting pretty big at this point, I decided to pack it up and go home to charge the batteries I used during the morning's flights.

Then, something strange and beautiful happened: the weather...Continue Reading
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XinLin X118 RTF Quadcopter from (4 min 4 sec)

Monsoon conditions here in the desert equal some really sticky, nasty weather. I call it nine months of paradise and three months of purgatory.

It's given me some time to fly some quads indoors, ones I hadn't flown for some time in many cases.

Nicely tucked away in my closet was the XinLin X118 quadcopter provided by for a September 2015 review. That review may be found here.

Since I'd recently done a casual review of the Eachine E5C quad here on the blogs, it didn't take long for me to realize just how similar the X118 happens to be. Very similar, but not alike and the radio protocols are different. To my delight, the batteries are the same!

I remember being somewhat lukewarm over the X118. It's a good if somewhat larger than usual indoor flyer with one heck of an LED light show. The FPV function is pretty good with a large, hooded screen and a micro SD card slot for the supplied 4MP card.

During a brief outdoor flight, I remembered just why I wasn't too crazy about the X118. Low rates are unsuitable for outdoor flight and both medium and high rates are on the touchy side. There isn't a lot of power on tap and I quickly remembered that the model should be landed immediately when power drops off. The low battery warning lights only come on when the battery dumps and sends the quad to the ground.

That said, it remains a good beginner's machine, but with no spare parts support even a year after Gearbest stated on the ordering page that parts were temporarily out of stock. However, it's very similar to the Syma X5C, so wear and crash parts like motors, props, prop shafts and landing skids are likely interchangeable.

I may have to yank the camera and skids and give this little quad another go and report back. Some "weight loss" ought to put it nearly on par with the Eachine H5C.

In the meantime, please enjoy the YouTube video from the original review at the top of the page.
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Hi all, welcome to JHAC. What a surprise that there's a new update in just 2 days! I just couldn't believe the cumbersome work for the last update actually makes a ton of mess for less efficiency. I tried to get better steering in water by adding a larger, hydro-foiled water rudder, but always result in ultimate fail. Well I guess that was too much hot glue for water to peel off... So, I came up with another idea.
As a result of the previous fail, I redesigned the vertical stabilizer into a gigantic planform with most of it being the rudder, and also changed the motor to a Turnigy 2836/9, 950kV motor. I'm tellin' you, it was a perfect 10! The steering finally went back to normality for an airboat, and it doesn't even need a water rudder, which the vehicle is 100% amphibious now. Off-road or off-shore, take your pick !
Glad to have a REAL airboat today!
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Syma X5C explorers

facts :

Syma X5C Explorers Quad Copter is one of The Best-selling Quadcopter out There on The Market. This Model is Super Affordable, Lightweight, user-friendly and offer Great Flight Experience. The Highlighting Features are 6 Axis Gyroscope, HD Camera, Less Power Consumption, Different Levels of Piloting Controls, Spectrum Technology and so on. It is an ideal Quadcopter For a RC Beginner or Novice, as it allow to do various flips and stunts, thus compensating light wind in outdoors. Overall, this is truly a one kind of quadcopter that you should explore.

aspects :

Hi, Everyone and a warm welcome to Syma x5c Review. From the moment Syma X5C Quad released out there on the market, it is highly appreciated among many Aerial Novices and Beginners. Most of them liked to read Syma x5c Reviews since it is a Cost-effective Quadcopter. You can go ahead and take a look at the Review Syma x5c below.


Syma x5c Review

Syma X5C Explorers Quad Copter is one of The Best-selling Quadcopter out There on The Market. This Model is Super Affordable, Lightweight, user-friendly and offer Great Flight Experience. The Highlighting Features are 6 Axis Gyroscope, HD Camera, Less Power Consumption, Different Levels of Piloting Controls, Spectrum Technology and so on. It is an ideal Quadcopter For a RC...Continue Reading
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Since there has been some issue with some users slave transmitters being reset I decided to try to replicate it. I think I found what is going on. Please try the following and see if it helps.

Set the slave as master, go to RC configuration and then set to an opposite mode. So if it's set to mode 2 set it to mode 1, hit apply. Then go back and reset it back to mode 2 or whatever mode you fly. Once that is done go ahead and put it back into slave mode.

Make sure on the MASTER coach mode is set to OFF, I have seen on some controllers this defaulting to ON. Now on the slave search for master, select it and enter password for the master. Once linked please request control or access on the SLAVE and agree to it on the MASTER. Now you should have all normal slave control. More than likely you will need to reconfigure your stick inputs to desired functions if a custom mapping was used.
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By chance, I found a new 3D manoeuvre: The Rohlmann. You can see it between 0.20 and 0.40 in the video. It is done like this: half throttle, full rudder and a touch of opposite aileron. Sometimes it develops to a kind of upward flat spin.
plane is my new Trottel, 60cm, 20g, KFm4 wing.
Neue Kunstflugfigur: Der Rohlmann! (1 min 31 sec)

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What can our Pelion RC Team do for YOU?

Here at Pelion RC Our World Does Revolve Around YOU.

We will be happy do to whatever we can to help you enjoy your RC passion.

If you are thinking about buying an RC and need some help deciding what direction to take, then give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help.

If you have a child that wants to get into RC but you don’t know where to start we can help there also.

Want to Learn to Fly – Yes we can help!

Most RC shops are only focused about selling their brand. We try to work with all brands so we can focus on what is important – YOU the Customer.

Sell: Repair: Trade: Consignment: Buy: Modification: Customization

From Airplanes to Helicopters, Monster Trucks to Freaky Fast Cars, Quad Copters to Rock Crawlers and the list goes on. We are happy to help You.

Need some custom work? If you want a bomb bay on your airplane so you can drop Skittles on your neighbor’s cat, we can do that - Not Recommended though Cats don't want to taste the rainbow!

We understand with the busy life we live today that a lot of you just have enough time to enjoy your hobby but not enough to build, repair and tune. We are happy to help there to. From Kits to ARF’s, Ground or Air just let us know what we can do to help.

You can ship items to us for repair if needed, give us a call or email and we will set everything up.

We have repaired engines that were seized and some said would never run again.

...Continue Reading
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Searching for an Eagle 400 ARF ( still in box)
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Want a tiny FPV racer with a 4S battery and brushless motors?
Check out the Atom 120 from HeliPal!

FPV Racing Drone Review - Atom 120 (11 min 45 sec)


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7/31/2016. So last Monday, I traded my Stampede and DX6i for a DX8. It's a Gen 1 in new condition and came with everything box and all. It also came with a carrying case, which most likely won't get much use, at least for now. I was able to program several of my helicopters into it without any problem even though I did it the old fashioned way w/o the SD card. I did try to upload some model files to the SD card but didn't succeed. Perhaps because I hadn't registered it? Speaking of which, I tried to however it had already been registered and I couldn't right away so I contacted the fellow I got it from and we soon had that issue corrected. So now it has the latest firmware, up graded from 3.0 to 3.01 and 2 of 3 200 SRX, both 230's my 300X along with my 300 CFX. Later I'll add the 450X.

So I've discovered Expo and telemetry. Could the expo be why my two 230's had different personalities? One was a BNF, the other the RTF and the latter seemed smoother. When flown with the DX8, #1 fly's just like #2. I've since loaded them both into the 8 and am using the DXe for my nano cps. I had wanted to use the e for Phoenix, but have limited success so far. Think I'll try to get my old 6i back as it worked well with the simulator.

Here's my take on the 8. More model memory is a huge advantage, 3 times that of the 6i. You also have more programming options which equals better control. I haven't tried any mixing or the telemetry yet but as I progress I can see where...Continue Reading
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Another great FPV day
Miniquad FPV Chase - Reload (2 min 40 sec)

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I have just bought a new Hubsan h205s fpv drone. It was working fine when after about 10 uses, one of the motors just stopped working and it is very stiff to turn.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
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Intended to provide backup power for the newest A350 jetliners, lithium batteries are more powerful, lighter and require less maintenance. Escalating arguments about the extent of safeguards and testing for such rechargeable batteries—reminiscent of Boeing Co.’s difficulties with similar technology years ago—come after European regulators already have approved the Airbus systems based on less-stringent requirements.
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This morning, I set up the carbon to go along the tail (no pic) and a layer of uni on the elevons as well... also potted servo's.

Later plan to goop the wing, then spackle and sand.
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Adrian Page (Canadian-made ‘short’ kit) 80” wingspan Piper Super Cub. Customized balsa built model airplane radio control and electric powered. E-Flite 46-size brushless motor and 5-cell lipo battery pack. Spektrum transmitter and receiver. Modelled after a vintage full size Israeli military Cub. Flown at TEMAC

90 degree crosswind and some wind gusts. Lots of rudder turns with opposite ailerons for side slipping and flat turns

Thanks to Simon H for taking the video. Music is a non-vocal track of Lennon-McCartney's 'Hold Me Tight', from 1963; I play all the instruments.

Adrian Page one fifth scale Super Cub (2 min 37 sec)

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I haven't noticed any issue flying the stock headplay firmware with my relatively sedate freestyle/proximity quad FPVing, but when Vova of Headplay released the low latency firmware patch I figured why not.

The claim was that it would lower display-side latency, resulting in a reduction of typical analog-system latency ("glass to glass") from 50-60ms to ~25ms.

Firmware file and install directions are linked/attached below.

I only did a relatively low resolution latency test before the firmware install (using an online counter, which although appearing to measure down to 1ms actually "paused" for 16ms or 33ms every other frame, as shown by Daemon). Anyway this method appeared to confirm the 50-60ms claim.

After firmware install I used Daemon's much more accurate method (using 240fps GoPro and an LED light, which gives +4 -0ms results) and got 10.2ms average latency over 9 tests.

That's pretty damned fast.

Here is the thread with info on testing method:

Here is Vova's post with the firmware file:

You'll need a USB cable adaptor to plug into the board shown in the instructions. Seems some Headplays came with this cable, mine did not but Vova had one sent for free from Rangevideo. If you PM him he should be able to have the same done for your HP.

Note: if you have a very early unit with a Innolux LCD panel it's a straight install and everything will work fine.

If you have a Hannstar panel (like mine, photo of back of panel below), the image will be inverted and you'll need to physically invert the panel to get the image right side up again. There is enough cable to do this.
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After a few tests with the new boat out on the water I decided to shift the weight around a bit . So I have moved the 3s battery right to the back of the boat and put the steering servo in the midle . Plus after consulting with my son about the height and angle of the prop . I think I have got it set up pretty well balanced now . It comes up nicely on to the plane and will turn on a sixpence on full throttle. Not sure what top speed is but it is fast enough for me . Had the occasional spin out , but no summsaults or flips which used to happen with the slightly lighter Hornet fibre glass hull. Should have some video coming up soon .
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New Gentle Lady.
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I've been teaching myself to fly serious RC over the last 4 years (starting at 73 y.o.!). Before that, I could only very nervously nudge old timers around the sky.
Anyway, progress has exceeded all expectations. After starting with a PZ Radian 4 years ago, and working through several excellent models (mostly HK but with a Wot 4 electric foamie as well).

So this is the current state of progress. This Wot 4 is easily the best ARF I've ever had. The photos were taken early yesterday morning, at our club field. So far, the plane has had around 20 flights and there's not a mark on it. The first flight was done using an Irvine 40, and all subsequent flights have been with an Irvine 53. Fantastic!

I hope this combination of good luck and being careful keeps the plane flying for a long time...
It's a super plane!

Now I hope to get a few more old engine videos done...