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Posted by WizofWires | Oct 14, 2014 @ 10:35 PM | 3,187 Views
I started asking around among the RC Eagles club members I have met about Indoor flying in our area. I also used the search function here on RCGroups and have found very little being offered right now. So I thought I would put up a questionnaire here on my blog to get some feed back about planning an indoor fun-fly.

Please click on the points that apply to yourself and then feel free to add comments to cover any details you'd like by replying below. If you have never filled in a "Poll" here at RCGroups, I should tell you that your UserName does appear in the results graph for each answer, visible only to users that click "Show Poll Results". No big deal.

If you feel that some important question has been left out, please reply below. Once the Poll form is up, it can't be edited. So your replies are equally valuable in getting this idea off the ground. Thanks in advance for chiming in.