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Plastic airplanes really do fly! I review the Hog Wild electric combat plane.
Hog Wild ARF Electric Combat | HobbyView (7 min 30 sec)

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For the first time, I take the new Rise RXD250 ultra-durable racing quad out for some through the trees flying. Take a look to see how I do.
RXD 250 FPV Racer Flight Review and Bash 'n Crash | HobbyView (8 min 8 sec)

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Hi All. I'm giving away a Revell Nano Hexagon multirotor this month.
Take a look at our video for contest details :

HobbyView Revell Nano Hexagon Giveaway (4 min 28 sec)

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HobbyView Tactic TTX850 Giveaway Contest (2 min 1 sec)

Ends Sept 14th
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I'm giving away a Vista BL glider to promote my new RC related youtube channel.

Watch the video to see how to enter:

HobbyView R/C Model Giveaway (2 min 9 sec)

Only two days left to enter!
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Took an old House of Balsa A-7 Corsair II kit and heavily bashed it into a stand-way-off-scale F-8 Crusader.

Paint scheme is from the Anime "Area 88". Decals from Callie Graphics.

Here is the build log.

Notable changes:
- Lengthened fuselage
- Installed retracts
- Converted to electric
- Made into pusher
- Added flaps
- Working variable incidence wing lift!
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I live in south Houston (commonly called the Clear Lake area), very close to the Johnson Space center. Galveston is about a 30 min. drive to the south.

Yesterday I ventured out a little to assess the damage in our area and to see what stores were open. As expected very few commercial operations were doing business, the very few that were (a HEB grocery store with a power generator and a local Pizza place that had power) had long lines to get in.

Damage looked mostly cosmetic. Lots of fallen trees and tree debris. Very little flooding in my area, but other parts of Houston are starting to flood now that a thunderstorm is passing through....Continue Reading
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The Eastern division of the SAE model heavy lift competition was just recently held in Ft. Worth, TX. I took the opportinuty to participate in helping out with photographing the event with Raymond Cervantes who has additional photos on his website, along with a DVD video he is making available of the event.

For those not familiar with this event. It is a multi-national event held in the US for students to build a model airplane and attempt to lift as much weight as possible. There are several classes ranging from small electric to large multi-engined, with the standard, single engine class being the most restrictive in the rules. More info scan be seen at the SAE website .

This year had teams come as far as Poland (which did very well) and South America (Brazil cleaned up). It is always fascinating to see the different designs that participate in the event. And it is never dull with each flight a likely disaster. In the standard class, the winning model lifted 31.7 lbs (14.4 Kg.) using a stock O.S. .61 engine.
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Galviston, TX, has a rather nice air museum. Some unusual and rare aircraft, many of which are still in flying condition.
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Airshow pics from the Houston airshow late last year. My first time attending, but it was very nice with a great mix of aircraft:
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Ok, enough Shakespeare quoting. I never much cared for him. But, he does have such great quotes.

I had been toying with the idea of starting a blog for some time. However, I now find myself in a quandary: what to Blog about.

I could talk about my models. But I haven't really done much modelling lately (or at least ones I can talk about). I can talk about personal things, but I'm a pretty private person. I wouldn't feel comfortable airing my 'dirty laundry' for the whole world to see. Geopolitical world events interest me, but that fact that my full name is plastered all over here (I discovered my own blog through a Google search) makes me want to tread lightly. I've heard that many employers have now started searching the web before hiring potential employees. I'm currently searching for a new job and the last thing I need is to have a potential employer say to me, "You would be great for the job, but your opinions on the ongoing genocide in Darfur does not fit in with the mission statement of the company." or the even more fearfull, "The pictures of you surrounded by monkeys during your trip to Vietnam shows that you have may have problems handling multiple tasks." Stupid monkeys, an anonymous blog would make life much easier.

Decisions, decisions......
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Holy carp, I have a blog! News to me. Well, since I have one given to me, I might as well make some use of it.