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Posted by jzanutto | Oct 07, 2015 @ 05:59 AM | 8,247 Views
When I was much younger I was in love with airplanes and flying. As a kid of 7 my dad bought me a Cox P-63 king cobra U-control airplane. That didnt go very far as dad crashed it "teaching me to fly it". So it sat for a few years, and we eventually moved.

In my jr high years I got into UC again (around 1972) and moved up to .35 sized planes. There was a hobby shop down the street where I'd ride my bicycle and hang out. Eventually everyone knew me and my thirst for the hobby and one guy gave me a single channel ACE RC pulse commander- my first radio. I built a schoolboy with an .049 and I was hooked. Soon after I got a 4 channel tower hobbies radio and got into sailplanes with a Monterey, and power planes with a falcon 56.

My interest was primarily in the technology, the fun and pure coolness of aviation. This led me to getting into full scale soaring and I got my private glider rating at 16.

I ended up in the Air Force from 1977 to 1985 and due to injuries sustained during my active duty I have become afflicted with chronic pain caused by disc damage and neurological damage. The chronic pain has taken over every area of my life.

Though I own arf airplanes I've always been a builder and I have now renewed my interest in building vintage kits, and scratch building again. But now it's become an integral part of my pain management. Kit building allows me the mental focus I need to keep my mind occupied on creative outlets and not on my present state of being. I get lost in the technical aspect of assembling a kit, and my focus soon changes to something that is creative and rewarding. This builds positive experiences in an otherwise negative time in my life. I really believe that this desire is placed in my heart from God as part of my healing and pain control.

I love the smell of the balsa in the box, and the feel of it in my hands. I can get lost in building for hours.