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Posted by l shems | Oct 29, 2017 @ 05:46 AM | 10,993 Views
OK, new blog entry.
I will share some of my experiences and solutions to problems I encountered using the LUA scripting on openTX. Please feel free to comment. It is meant to become a help to anyone wanting to create, adapt or migrate any LUA script for OpenTX. Tutorial files are added in this first post, and in the last of this thread.

It is assumed that you have read and at least partially understood the OpenTX LUA reference guide. I will assume OpenTX 2.2, OpenTX 2.1 should work as well for all examples, unless stated otherwise, but OpenTX 2.0 is not going to work without extra lines managing the lcd.lock() functionality. Some special article will covering the OpenTX 2.0 specialties, to allow creating interoperability.

Also, if you intend to use or change the scripts, or follow some instructions on this site, I will assume you have ZeroBrane installed. This helps enourmously in developing and testing LUA scripts.

The on-line LUA manual is used as a reference as well. We use the LUA 5.2 version, as OpenTX is build around this.

Be aware that OpenTX is not designed to be LUA friendly! ! !

OpenTX has a LUA API, but that is about it. The people behind OpenTX probably didn't imagine how powerful LUA can be, and that it opens the possibilities for completely different approaches towards using an OpenTX radio. They probably don't even have any interest in the possibilities it opens, and is for them just an add-on provided to complete their framework.
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