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Posted by Sawn Craft | Jan 15, 2015 @ 01:29 PM | 7,972 Views
We are extremely happy to announce the release of the fifth kit in our Micro Fighters series! This new model builds on the performance and construction techniques of its predecessors and that shines through in the air! Without further a due, I present the Sawn Craft Micro F4D/F-6 Skyray!

The model is CNC-cut out of extremely light and durable XPS foam and includes all carbon, laser-cut control horns, and hardware required to complete the build!

Just like all of our Micro Fighters, the Micro Skyray is designed to be powered by the standard 1S UMX-type power system that you will find in numerous BNF and RTF models such as the Hobbyzone Champ.

Designed to fly in an area the size of a single basketball court, you have the choice to build your Micro Skyray with either rudder and elevator controls or with elevons as both tails are included in the kit. Using the rudder/elevator controls will allow for added control at extremely low speeds and excels at high alpha flight while the elevon controls will provide a more sporty and aerobatic flying experience.

Sawn Craft Micro F4D Skyray Specs
  • Wingspan: 12"
  • AUW: 1.2oz / 34g
  • Lightweight and Durable XPS and Carbon Construction
  • R/E/T or Elevon Controls Included
  • Designed for common 1S UMX power systems
  • Simple build using tab & slot alignment
  • Full-color instruction manual included

We are also partnering with a well-known decal manufacturer to provide custom-sized graphics packages for this, and all of our other models so check in the coming weeks for those to become available on the website.

The Micro F4D Skyray kit is available now at!