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Posted by epoxyearl | May 18, 2013 @ 04:50 AM | 9,008 Views
We went flying last evening (Friday)."We" being Paul Smith, just back from his winter hibernation in Florida, and me and a group from the club.

I've been assembling this model for nearly 15 years, and the left wing is difficult to slide onto the wing tube.The flap and aileron cables must be fed through the hole in the cabin top,as the wing is slid on.The wing strut is attached to the wing via hinges,so it hangs down,as it's being installed.The cabin roof is a piece of plastic,securely fastened at the forward end, with two screws aft,that (when removed) allow it to fold up, for wing retention bolt access.....While attempting to do all this, the conversations went thusly....

1-"You need to fix that" 2"you forgot to take the screws out" 3" put some oil on it"-4 "watch the strut"..5 "here, let me get those wires"6 "what is this covered with?"7" did you build this?" 8 "I've never seen a Cub with wheel pants"9 What does this weigh?" 9 What size motor's in here?-a 90??? in a 1/4 scale?,-man you need at least a Sissa 33, in a 1/4 scale Cub !"10 "Earl, what's this ?" For nearly ten minutes the grilling continued.
WE finally got it assembled, started ,and on the runway

I throttled up to 3800 rpms,( there's a 'tic' mark on the transmitter) and as the ol' Cub trundled down the runway, the tail slowly came up, she got light, and we commited aviation once more, amid shouts of "See I told you you need a bigger engine."

Me'n the Cub had a fine time, doing approaches, touch and goes, and 1 acceptable three point landing.

Let 'em talk.We love Friday night get-togethers.
Posted by epoxyearl | May 15, 2013 @ 05:24 AM | 9,818 Views
I get involved in discussions at RC Groups, to expand my thought processes, to learn things, and to share my experiences.

There's currently a discussion about scratch-building and kits being built by us old guys.
I highly disagree with the 'age' thing, and I don't believe adequate research was ever conducted to determine what the average age actually is.

I like to design my own scale models now,copying the best points of all the kits I've ever assembled.
But sometimes you want to go too far,with scale,and by the time I get a scale assembly finished, I'm already thinking how I can do it "better"...-It's never good enough......with a kit,I can just stop,once I run out of pieces...

Such is modeling.
Posted by epoxyearl | May 13, 2013 @ 08:37 AM | 8,527 Views
At some POINT in time,there COMES a time when you need to think 'outside the box'

After traveling 150 miles to a model fly-in,only to discover I had forgotten my wing tube, some sort of substitute was needed, if I was going to fly.

Well, I 'm not afraid of trying, so off I went to the local "Lowes" to find one.They didn't have any aluminum tubing, so I dejectedly started to leave, when I saw an 'extension handle' for applying roof sealant.It was the right diameter ,(1"), and the right price,($4.74), but it was- steel!

I unlocked "THE BOX", bought it, and paid the fine gentleman to hacksaw it to 34" long for me, ($1)...He smiled, I grinned , and have never replaced it with aluminum.

The aluminum and carbon fiber gurus have given me failing marks,and I failed the contemporary exams....But I'm happily flying my Cub with the "wrong" tubing.

When (and IF ) it fails, I promise I'll let you know.......