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Posted by EOL37 | Jan 10, 2020 @ 04:10 AM | 2,585 Views

Hello, I am a french modeler for several years (I was 14 when I started, I am 57 now…).
You can visit my web site on http://eol37-rc-model.blog. The english section is not yet completed, but I will enrich it rapidly.
I will also post my main construction and models on this blog

This passion came at school in Poitiers (center west of France). Thanks to my teacher Mr Rondeau who teached us how to build a CB glider. Since then, the virus of model planes never ended…

The youth period was productive with many models built in the basement of my parent’s house. Then came my marriage and my family life with my wonderful sons. When my boys were teenager, passion was still present and I joined my first model club (MACCT near Tours, France), where I was initiated to radio controlled flight.

I learned to control the models and built my first Rc plane. It was a « bizuth ». Indeed at this period of time, only constructed models were flying, and no ready to fly were at shop… My second plane was a calmato and an arcus as glider..
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Description: My calmato in the eraly 2000's

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Description: My calmato 20 years ago

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