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This boat was started in 1988 by my dad, and he said if I finish it he will buy me a motor for it. Well, its coming together! We ordered an OS .21 XM Outboard.

The boat is a Dumas .21 Deep V Competition boat.

Here are some pictures of what I've done so far! When i started it was up to the keel being laminated.

Heli guys into a boat guy! What is the world coming to



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Figure I should keep track somewhere I wont lose it.

Mini Titan :

Crash #1
On flight 63

Too Cockey, Too Low. Inverted idle up, forgot throttle hold! Sick crunch, here is the damage:

-Blade Grip
-1 Servo Gear
-Both Main Blades
-Main Shaft
-Feathering Shaft
-1 Link
-Tail Boom (Straightened and fixed in 2 minutes )
-Main Gear
Upgrade time!
Between Flight 144-145

2 x CF Frame/ Carbon Anti Rotation Bracket
1 x CF Frame Set for Mini Titan w/CF Landing Skid Combo
1 x Carbon Tail Boom
1 x M.D Joint Lever (Silver)
1 x M.T Pitch Link (Silver)
1 x M.Tail.P Control Set (Silver)
1 x Metal Bearing Block (Silver)
1 x Metal Pulley Set
1 x Metal Tail Rotor Grips (Silver)
1 x Sus Flybar Rod
1 x Metal Swashplate (Silver)
1 x Flybar Control Arm
1 x Carbon Tail Fin Set for T-Rex

E-Starter :



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Adopted from Punk's Policys and Peeves

In Threads

I'm not Lightnin or Lightning (These guys are.) I'm P-38 or Joel.

In The FS/W

I live in Canada! Did you get that? Its going to take more than 3 days to get a package. Also I cannot ship you a parcel for $2, So dont go "Well this guy is selling it for $10 shipped, why is yours more?". When i make you an offer, its shipped to Canada.

No, my prices are not in Canadian Dollars

I'm 15 years old, I cant go to the Post Office EVERY day! Please give me a few days.

And thats about all I can think about right now.

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Well. I went to fly my kadet in a nice little lake. Going good, did my Pre-Flight and set it in the water and walked out to the point. First time for me ever float flying, so i run it up get it on plane its going great i take off and I got nothing Rolls right and hits the water still at full throttle Sheared the bolts on the front of the floats where they attach to the plane. So now there is four holes in the bottom of the plane leaking water into alllllll my electronics! Plane is ok but looks like my electronics are screwed.....

You can see me swimming to my nose down plane the other time the engine died becuase i was afraid to take off and it was on idle for too long

Joel (one angry kid)
Posted by P-38J-Lightning | Apr 26, 2006 @ 09:16 AM | 12,924 Views
Guys! Its here! Heres what came in the giant box (LIGHT box too)
-Katana S 3D Foamy kit (2)
-Electric Power Lithium Polymer Battery (1000 MaH 12-18C)
-4S Charger
-TowerPro BL Motor
-Tower Pro ESC (15 Amp, Max 25 Amp Burst)
-Wing to a Great Planes Su-31 Extreme that I will make into a new plane
-Stella Remains (remember thread in the Trader Talk)

Im sure to have TONS of fun with this stuff Its gonna be cool to fly in my park

Heres to tearing up the sky,
Joel (One happy kid!)
Posted by P-38J-Lightning | Apr 23, 2006 @ 04:23 PM | 13,330 Views
After a couple years of tormenting myself reading about the advancements of lithium and making me want a foamy so bad but then deciding not to becuase of the hazards.....I finally bit the bullet!!! It should be here in a few days! I got a Katana S (Thanks Punkindrublik) and a lithium/brushless system from XUSHobbies.com

I will post photos of it when it comes and hopefully get a video of its maiden! it should be awsome!

Heres to tearing up the sky,