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Posted by Banjofrog | Feb 04, 2012 @ 04:18 AM | 11,048 Views
As you may have read in an earlier post that I had a Seagull Boomerang .40 Trainer with a .46 OS Glow engine. I decided that electric was the way to go for me after I saw a gentleman at Whiteman Park here in Western Australia flying a Scanner he had converted to electric. I went home and didn't do much about it for 6 months as i was still teaching myself to fly with the Sky Surfer and Bixler. I joined RC Forums and found a thread about the same conversion I had planned, I ordered from Hobby King the following:

Turnigy G46 670kv motor
80amp Plush ESC
1 Turnigy 4s 3300mah 40c lipo
and 2 Turnigy 5800mah 4s 40c lipo's

The thread was extremely helpful guy's like Aeromaniac, Scirocco and Wobblyguts were great support thanks guys , I used a standoff firewall to mount the motor which is 30mm off the original firewall. After that all came together real quick and was not hard to do.

I had planned doing the maiden with a 12x10 2 blade prop but the one I had was so out of balance it was ridiculous to try and balance, I have settled on a Master Air Screw 12x6 3 blade this prop I am drawing just over 37 amps and just under 600 watts @wot, in the air it seemed to perform very well, so with the 80 amp esc I have room to play and get the best setup. With the 3300mah battery CG was a smidge tail heavy but not too bad.

The flight, ROG was good acceleration is good and she gain speed well and as you will see in the video she just left the ground with no hassle, hardly any...Continue Reading
Posted by Banjofrog | Feb 04, 2012 @ 02:55 AM | 5,347 Views
Today I maiden my Durafly Vampire, it was not he best of maidens because it was too damn windy and I was a little too tail heavy for the conditions. I struggled to get any real control and she was all over the place. One thing I did notice is that this plane is going to glide very well. I heard a crack noise come from the plane and I am sure the controls had hardly any life in them, I have just had a thought as I type this to check the ESC because when I got her on the ground the controls worked, but that could of been because of the BEC.

This video is my first and at about midflight it did struggle to come back against the wind as you will see.

Vampire Maiden (5 min 42 sec)

My maiden of the Boomerang electric conversion I also did and I will post my efforts soon.

Postmortum: I have checked the ESC all is good, the tail booms have come unglued so I shall reglue them ready for another go.

Posted by Banjofrog | Jan 23, 2012 @ 09:08 PM | 5,135 Views
I have looked into joining a club and have travelled to see what each club has to offer, the Club up here in the hills is very relaxed but the facilities are very very basic, paddock to fly from and not good for Gliders, Foamies (with or without retracts) of any size, it's only good for Heli's or medium to large glow models.

KAMS have really good facilities, friendly and grass flying field, it's just the distance and time to get there.

Yokine, you look on their web site and it's "No" this and "No" that! and this has put me off going down to the flat lands to have a look.

Whiteman Park, I have visited a few times their facilities are great grass and concrete runways, Heli area, seem to be friendly at least the few people I have spoke to. Has lots of members and is expensive to join (a bit off putting) but it is a good site.

I may have to bite the bullet and join a club now I am getting into planes with retracts.

Currently I fly 80% of the time from here and it is just me. These comments are entirely my views and thoughts and is not meant to offend.
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31/05/2012... Recently I have gone down to WARS at Yokine to check the club out, what has made it easier is that some of the guy's that are on RC groups fly there and it was great meeting them in person. The club is very friendly and are a great bunch of blokes who do have any prejudice against foam. So at least I will join them and let the fun and mateship begin.
Posted by Banjofrog | Jan 23, 2012 @ 02:49 AM | 5,498 Views
Hi my name is Shaun I am 49yrs old, I live in the Perth Hills Western Australia, I have only been RC Flying since March 2011. my first plane was a Hobbico Nexstar .46 glow my maiden of that plane didn't go well as I let it get out of sight and as you all know, if you can't see it you can't fly it, well you can guess what happened. After that I bought a .40 Boomerang Trainer and transferred all the servos and engine from the crashed Nexstar. I have flown the Boomerang once and had a hard time of it because of lack of experience but I didn't crash it.

I thought there has got to be an easier way to learn how to fly, I stumbled on the J Power Sky Surfer on You Tube (ugly as), but a way to learn and a Hobby Store had one here in Perth so I bought it. The Sky Surfer has given me some great stick time and I highly recommend this plane or it's twin The Bixler for beginners. I have owned 2 Sky Surfers and 1 Bixler all have had the wings flown off them, Only have one of the SS and Bixler.

I moved onto larger gliders like the FMS or HK 2.3m Fox but it didn't last 3 mins as it came screaming down in flames from 150m because of ESC had caught fire and was not up to the task . The lesson was get a good watt meter and check and change before flying any new plane . I also purchased a FMS Cessna 182 MkII (good plane just need to change ESC) which is teaching how to land but the front wheel keeps bending, so I am about to put in a Dubro #234 steerable front wheel assy.

My current...Continue Reading