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"Super Sunday"

Usually, the Sunday morning of the last day of the Small Model Airplane Lovers League Fly-In will see the gang packing up their gear and maybe sneaking in some last flights before hitting out for home.

The place is typically deserted by noon or earlier, but for some of the local members bringing their larger planes out to fly.

Not this time. Maybe because Saturday flying was hampered by winds on the backside of a Friday night storm front, a BUNCH of model airplane flyers stayed through to fly in the perfect weather of Sunday.

This Sunday crowd could have passed for a standard gang to be expected on any of the "Prime" days of a S.M.A.L.L. Fly-In. The Planes, and Helicopters, and Drones, and Rockets/Rocket-Assisted Planes kept Sky Tiger Field hopping 'till late in the day.

I'll be editing photos and videos of the whole event for a while after I get home, but here are a few snapshots and early videos of the fun on Sunday:

Steve's Retro RC 1951 Flying Wing (3 min 11 sec)

A 1952 Mac's Robot Antique Model Airplane at Fall S.M.A.L.L. 2021 (6 min 43 sec)
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It is about 2 years now that I have this model. The plan has been downloaded from internet (but I will also supply it here) and resized for 55 cm (22") wingspan.
A friend of mine built a cnc cutting machine so he cut the deprom for me (all pieces in depron 6 mm). I did assemble it and finished with the german colors.

Main features are :
motor 2204 - 2300kv ( got from banggood sale)
prop 5x4.5
ESC BlHeli 30A opto
UBEC 5V - 3A
servo 2x 9gr.
receiver Orange
weight 175 gr without battery

Video has been shooted with zoom 2x and I must recognise that I am improving in keeping plane in the frame.

MIG 29 (5 min 1 sec)

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Thanks to Jim and Jason, I have the most important part of my internet life recovered!
Now this old fart gets to learn how to attach hold in your hand pieces of information to the world of SSD! I'm not sure if that gets a frown or a grin, but it's a grin status now!
More torments to come, as Missy has most of the shots called on the scheduling!
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Albedo Maiden Flight (9 min 54 sec)

Plan download from:

Wingspan 1186mm ( printer error )
Length 920mm
Height 128mm
Surface :24dm
Weight 593g
Wing load :24.6 g / dm
Motor DUALSKY ECO 2212C 980KV
Receiver STORM S603 DSMX 6ch
Servo EMAX ES08AII 8.5g * 3
Propeller GWS 9050
Battery 3S 2200mAh
Matek micro BEC 5V 1.5A
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Hi All, I've decided to use this space to summarize my experience building a FPV rc car using a commonly available 3 axis gimbal to stabilized the camera.

My project goals are:
  • High speed off road driving
  • 3d vision with depth perception
  • Ability to look around with pan tilt
  • Short to mid range FPV driving

This blog will go into a bit of depth on certain elements of this build, primarily the gimbal setup. For more up to the moment to moment snippets check out my instgram and youtube

Instagram: jipperr_rc

Here's a little taste of the results:
TRICLOPS HD - 3 Axis Gimbal - FPV RC Car (7 min 8 sec)

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Getting ready to start covering...but first I had to make the wing-to-fuse fairing.....
stacked up (8) individually cut (CNC) profiles, glued them together, and then to the top of the wing.....
not bad for Mr. Thumbs
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Toothpick FC on RC Factory Yak 55 (0 min 26 sec)

This time I installed Happy model CrazyF411 on RC Factory Yak55. The CrazyF411 is a receiver, ESC, OSD and F4 FC. It also has 20A ESC output and 1.5A BEC output, which are enough for 80cm class foamy airplane.

○Servos and Motor Connection
3 Servos were connected to LED_Strip, TX2 and RX2 pads and the motor was connected to M1 connector of the FC ( See the connection diagram ). Betaflight CLI commands I used were as follows.

resource led_strip 1 none
resource serial_tx 2 none
resource serial_rx 2 none
resource servo 1 a00
resource servo 2 a02
resource servo 3 a03
mixer customairplane
smix reset
smix 0 2 0 -100 0 0 100 0 # aileron
smix 1 3 1 -100 0 0 100 0 # elevator
smix 2 4 2 100 0 0 100 0 # rudder
set servo_lowpass_hz = 5
set small_angle = 180

○Roll Rate
Betaflight controls the angular rates of the plane according to the stick inputs. By default, it is set to a maximum of 667 deg / sec, so if you do not increase this, the rotation rates of Yak55 will be limited. Use RC Rate or Rate in Rateprofile Settings to increase the rotation rates. In the video, the maximum roll rate was increased to roll the Yak55 at 900deg/sec.

〇Modified Horizon Mode
I attached a hex file of auto hovering code for CrazyF411 based on betaflight 4.2.9. It will keep the plane vertically in horizon mode. No warranty. You can override the control even if in the mode. I like outside loop with the mode on. Simply by releasing the sticks, it will return to hovering(See the video). Have fun.

Model : RC Factory/Twisted Hobbys Yak55 V2
FC : Happymodel CrazyF411 AIO F4
Motor : T-Motor AT2306 KV1500
Prop : GWS EP-9060
Servos : EMAX ES08DII x 3
Battery : BETAFPV 450mAh 3S 75C Lipo
Size : 80cm(W) x 78cm(L)
AUW : 224g
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found this article on the differences interesting. i hope you find it too:
and this too:
well, from this thread i got some comments at the end that seems as it is not so good after all. look
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This is my Unboxing of the Arrows RC Bigfoot 1300mm RTF With Vector Stabilization. It is very cool entry level STOL RC Plane with everything you need in the box!

Arrows RC Bigfoot 1300mm RTF With Vector Stabilization STOL RC Plane Unboxing (8 min 7 sec)

Here are my Review Notes:

- RTF kit with everything you need to get into the air
- Two different flight modes
- Plenty of power on 3S
- All-terrain tundra tires for multiple surfaces
- Excellent set of lights
- Flaps with nice deflection
- Great presence

- The tires are likely to bounce on pavement, especially for a beginner.

Link to RTF Arrows Bigfoot:

The link in this description is an affiliate link. It gives me a small commission on sales which helps support the channel and keep it independent.
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I made it up to the hill after a long time of not going. I'm hoping to start a regular pattern of flying like I used to. I'm hoping everyone else will do it more too. Here's some shots from my new camera from Saturday, Joe, Paul, and Mike were there too, and the pics are of they're planes. The weather was nice not too hot, low humidity. I have also included a link to all the shots from Saturday with the Hawk and Egrets included. Reading
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Just an amazing morning in Central Florida for an Amazing RC Model and it is a crying shame this model is discontinued.

After working on it throughout the night, replacing the Stock ESC to the Castle Creations Thunderbird 36-AMP ESC and touching up on the paint after filling in some void areas on the Foam, this morning I was able to maiden the model on my watch!

Performed just what I had expected after watching my buddy who had one a couple of years ago. It performed Cuban-8's, Hammer heads and some inverted flights. Of course this following Video shows the second (2nd) flight as the maiden was great as well it was recorded in just too low of light.

Oh, yes, the only reason that I changed out the Stock ESC was because it came with a Battery Connector that I just didn't have (Converter).

Okay, here is the Video:
E Flite P 51D Dallas Doll in GERMAN Captured Clothing 10-17-2021 (4 min 21 sec)

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DESIGNER: Lee Renaud (Ray Hayes -2003 revision - Skybench Aerotech)
DATE: ~1976 (2000s revision)
WING SPAN (in): 106 (modified)
WING AREA (in^2): 968 (est)
AIRFOIL: Flat bottom 10% , max chord = 10 inch
LENGTH (in): 48.5
AUW (oz): 53.4
W/L(oz/sq-ft): 7.9
POWER: POWER: GliderDrive 840kV w/ 44mm HK aluminum spinner and graupner 11x6 prop.
NOTES: Mods: non-built-up empennage from extra Oly IIS kit, stretched wingspan, built w/o spoilers, wing cross members and riblets.
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Have had this Saitta produced ME 163B model since 2014. Has more than 130 flites. Is one of my favorite models to fly. Its looks, flying procedure, takeoff, flite and landing is scale and very unique. It draws a lot of attention at the flying field.

Futaba 9C radio, Rabbit 100 Jet Central turbine. Very aereobatic and docile at the same time. Will have extended 7+ minute flights. # fuel tanks totalling 96 oz of fuel. I use diesel fuel which actually provides more punch than jet fuel even thou it weights some more.

Last flying session on Sept 2021. Video attached

EM 163 KOMET (6 min 17 sec)

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I am in the mood for making videos!

Here is a new video for the Blue Thunder model that you can download here.

Blue Thunder On Patrol (1 min 19 sec)

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Finally finished printing my NBD Bee Vault. Body and lid are printed in Rainbow Silk and the Inserts are printed in Black Silk. There are numerous options for inserts, and I chose to go with the options for one brushed Whoop, and one brushless Whoop plus batteries, spare props etc. I love the design and the way the lid locks.

.stl files can be had here on My Mini Factory for anyone wanting to print one.
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HBX make some outstanding small scale brushless bashers but this is the first time they have never made a larger car until now. I've reviewed the HBX 901a which is a 1/12 scale brushless 4wd dirt truck. This is a bit more expensive than the popular HBX 16889a pro but the extra size and ground clearance makes it a lot more capable offroad. It has typically excellent durability and battery life with decent speed from the brushless 2845 motor.

Full review is here:



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Over the years, many fellow RC pilots have asked me where I get my pan & tilts. I assume many would like to fly scale HT FPV like I do, but commonly available P & T's all seem to have obvious faults. So for my 2021 new year resolution, I set out to develop and produce one to for sale that solves all the common faults. After much delay, I have achieved that goal!

Introducing Motionsic B.A.G. (BadAss Gimbal) - the most practical pan & tilt making head-tracking FPV easy!

Designed for use with DJI FPV Air Unit camera and FPV cameras 20mm width or smaller including Caddx Air Unit, Nebula Pro, Polar, etc. it fits easily under most RC plane canopies 40 wingspan and up. Can also be installed on RC cars, crawlers, boats, or copters for use with a head-tracker to give realistic in-cockpit visual experience.


Compact - fits under most RC plane canopies, needs only cylindrical space 40mm diameter, 50mm tall for full movement with the FPV camera

Easy to install - use included screws and nuts to affix camera and platform to plane in minutes

Smooth/precise movement - includes 2x all-metal gear, digital, premium ball-bearing servos made by Savx in Taiwan (compare with sh0257mg, $35 retail each)

Check six for bandits - custom servos allow the camera to pan 280 to see 360 (with camera field of view), tilt up 80 down 45

Easy to adjust camera height/level to scale pilot eye position by adding/removing foam pads and adjusting the tightness of individual screws on corners of the platform.

Dampens vibration - foam pads also dampen vibrations from runway or road surfaces to make the visual experience pleasantly smooth.

UV resistant frame - impregnated with anti-UV polymer so gimbal frame stays robust with prolonged sun exposure.

Shock resistant - built to withstand minor plane crashes and keep on working!

Patent pending, Made in Taiwan

* DJI FPV Air Unit/Camera not included

Available at

sample video showing smoothness of motion:

Mig-29 Jet Head Tracking FPV Aerobatics (5 min 28 sec)

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Hi guys!

Whats up?

Been a long time coming and I finally got a used one in German Captured Clothing.

Hey, as the saying goes, beggars can't be choosy!