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Posted by farquward | Today @ 11:43 AM | 44 Views
My humble fleet will grow by one as I've bought another 500. This one is a Blade 500 X, big brother to my 300 and 450 X's. I reckon now I'll have to decide of the two 500's, which will stay P & B and the other power my AS 350. Common sense would suggest the Trex be for the scale build and use the X for training and be the daily flyer. From the photos, it appears to have a very nice complement of spare parts and should remain serviceable for quite some time. It would be nice (hint) if HH brought back a "New and Improved" version like they did for the old 450 X.
So for now the plan is to use my spare AR7200BX and fly it as is, later on down the road upgrade the motor, ESC and servos. When it arrives, I'll post up some "as is" photos.
Posted by Bill M - RC | Today @ 03:52 AM | 272 Views
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this is our new RC part , see ?

just assembled well

what do you think for them ?
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 10:22 PM | 641 Views
Our 1st & only view of the rebuilt LC40 from above. There's no evidence of the explosion, 16 months ago, nor a crater or burn marks. The mane intrigue is how many buildings are packed close to the launch mount, close enough to feel the exhaust heat & the force of the sound pressure waves. Vandypants isn't built up as much, near the launch mount.

Conventional wisdom is to be able to service the rocket as much as possible when it's on the launch mount, but instead of the traditional arrangement of a hangar far away & a mobile service structure, they've moved all the infrastructure as close as possible, weighing knowledge gained about the blast radius over time.
Posted by yosemitez | Yesterday @ 10:14 PM | 630 Views
these are some logs from todays flight with the tbs crossfire micro. i have the taranis setup to log the telemetry from the tbs crossfire. from what i have read the rqly and rfmd are the 2 most important values to monitor for signal strength. these logs show the 2 and this was not a long flight at all, it was just playing around doing some rolls and flips going out about 1/2 mile

i am not sure how to read these that well yet, the image shows a brief explanation of them. rfmd 0 is a very slow update rate while 2 is super fast, super low latency. rqly below 70% is pushing it but some folks go below 60%
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Winch Kit
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1. How many batteries can be charged simultaneously in Normal mode and Quick mode?
In Normal mode, the DJI Battery Station can charge up to eight TB50 batteries simultaneously. If there is a significant difference of voltage between two vertically aligned batteries (e.g., in slots A1 and B1; please refer to the TB50 Battery Station User Guide for slot IDs), the Battery Station will charge the lower one first, and then charge both together when they are equally charged.
In Quick mode, the Station can simultaneously charge up to two groups (e.g., in slots A1 and A2, as well as D1 and D2). It will charge the four TB50 batteries to 90% first, then 100% for any batteries that are still inserted.

2. In addition to TB50 batteries, what else can be charged with the Battery Station?
Apart from eight TB50 battery ports, the DJI Battery Station is also equipped with two 20-26V/3A DC OUT Remote Controller Ports and two 5V/2A USB Ports, which can charge Cendence, Inspire, and Phantom series remote controllers, CrystalSky, Cendence Battery Charging Hub, and other mobile devices.

3. What is Silent mode?
In Silent mode, the Battery Station will restrict the charging current, lower the speed of the cooling fan, and turn off the beeper to reduce operating noise. This mode is recommended in quiet environments with abundant time for charging. Silent mode can be enabled in the menu under Normal mode.

4. Can Silent mode be enabled both in Normal and Quick mode?
No. Silent mode...Continue Reading
Posted by FeiJi | Yesterday @ 06:29 PM | 935 Views
I wasn't paying attention - I guess as of December 12th, we need to register again if we fly anything over .55 pounds. If I come back to US then will have to just fly under 249 grams.
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 05:59 PM | 968 Views

Started putting projects on hackaday.io. This is not to be confused with hackaday.com. The hackaday domanes are a confusing mess of illegible grey on black text, but the few readers might find it more useful. It feels like rcgroups has lost attention to the hackaday, eevblog, tested.com properties as the RC world has expanded from toys to industrial robots which control cameras, clean floors, deliver food, drive taxis, & train athletes. An RC vehicle is just as often found delivering food now as it was doing flat spins, 10 years ago.

Steering the lunchbox continues to be a brutal occupation. The stiction algorithm as implemented did nothing. It started becoming obvious that control feedback behaves like an equation. No matter how convoluted the feedback algorithm is, the result converges on the same answer in the long term, like an equation which always outputs a sine wave despite having 1 added & subtracted to it many times. This is why control theorists write their feedback algorithms in equation form. It makes it easier to see what changes reduce to 0.

The stiction problem is specifically caused by the servo saver absorbing much of the motion & less because of the linkages. The servo saver absorbs much motion in left turns but virtually no motion in right turns. Maybe the integral has to be kicked based on swings in the PWM output instead of the heading error.
Posted by QuadMcFly | Yesterday @ 05:32 PM | 979 Views
I recently purchased and set up an FrSky X10S, and while I've had very little trouble getting it going, there are a number of questions that have gone unanswered, and documentation and materials for the radio are scattered in many different locations. To prevent me from having to look up all of this every time I need to find something I will compile here the things I have found useful as well as give a place for others to ask technical questions regarding the setup and use of OpenTX on the radio. As I experiment and find out more information about the setup and maintenance of the radio I will post here and I would welcome the experiences of others as well. My application is primarily mini-quad use, so my resources will be primarily focused there, but I welcome input from other types of pilots and areas of the hobby as well.

Helpful Resources:

I will make a few requests of posters here:

1. Keep to the topic, and keep the questions and answers of a technical nature and free of drama and personal attacks or insults. I will delete posts that violate this.
2. Don't be afraid to ask questions! And conversely don't belittle people for asking questions. If you don't like the way someone asked a question, or you think they could have found the answer by searching, just don't reply and move on.
Posted by Black Turbine | Yesterday @ 05:29 PM | 969 Views
so i bet u like quadcoptes so u probably know what brushless motor is i bought racerstar BR0703 brushless outrunner motors and they are tiny only 10 mm wide 1mm shaft and they are horrible i was mounting it and the wire simply fell off at that point i was ready to flip a table so if u wanna see me repair them just follow me into this repairing nightmare i cannot get a good pic on the stator how small it is
Posted by Steve Corbin | Yesterday @ 05:16 PM | 970 Views
Well I've finally come to the realization that I can't get any decent amount of aeromodeling done until I get that mess of a man cave cleaned up and organized. I'm a slob, I admit it, and I hereby resolve to correct this character flaw. I'm getting motivated in one way by using creative visualization. I'm seeing the upstairs loft all clean and with plenty of rack and shelf space to put all those parts of airplanes and gliders that I am having trouble letting go of.

"Hey, don't toss that wing out! I can use that someday!"

Uh huh. Yeah, right, if I haven't used it by now, what makes me think I ever will? I will instead build a nice work table, and get my hot wire tools up and running. I'll have wings the size I want with the airfoils I want. Throwing out these Chinese made wings and stuff will actually free me up to finally having a flying apparatus I can be proud of. Making something that flies well with the old parts is possible, I know, but much more time consuming than starting from scratch will be, I believe.

I wonder if modern tools like laser cutters, 3D printers, and the like are something I should strive for. I get the impression that the guys with good computer skills probably profit from the stuff, but it does seem like there's a lot of pretty pictures being created and not a lot of flying machines being made, and a lot of keyboard time invested. I think I'll stick to the tried and true old school methods, and maybe just get the computer geeks to do that stuff for me. We'll see how it goes.

Sure is a lot more fun writing this than it will be cleaning up the loft, I guess that's why I'm so long-winded.
Posted by bill_delong | Yesterday @ 04:11 PM | 1,009 Views

Tekno EB410.1 Kit
RCTech Thread


  • Shaft drive (tapered AL for light weight and straightness)
  • Gear differentials (all 3)
  • Low Angle CVAs (with captured pins so no ejecting them!)
  • Durable stub axles with 12mm hexes and optional offset adjustments
  • Reverse bellcrank steering system
  • Quick access bulkheads (for easy diff maintenance and tuning)
  • Split center diff holder (for easy diff maintenance and tuning)
  • 8th scale style motor mount (for easy mesh adjustment)
  • 13mm big bore shocks
  • 3.5mm shock shafts
  • Droop screws
  • Tekno RC is the only company in the industry that will give 50% off of parts if returned to them using the General Warranty return policy found on their website. The parts can be lightly used or completely abused, as long as the part is still being produced it's covered!
  • Plastic shock caps are difficult to install, highly recommend upgrading to aluminum caps
  • No front sway bars included, optional upgrade recommended
  • Turnbuckles and shock standoffs should be upgraded with Lunsford aftermarket parts (Lifetime Warranty)
This car has spent 5 years in development with completely new geometry concepts using forward weight bias to take extreme advantage of modern high traction surface conditions. Tekno has set a new standard in terms of performance matched with durability and gobs of support with a sea of team drivers and unparalleled following of aftermarket support. This car does not disappoint, for a competitive racer in either mod or stock, I
...Continue Reading
Posted by tailskid2 | Yesterday @ 03:13 PM | 1,029 Views
Well now that the Escapade MX has met its expiration date...I was working on the H9 P-51 30cc for a friend....
Posted by MrGearbest | Yesterday @ 01:57 PM | 1,068 Views
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As he maneuvered his unarmed B-17 bomber over the island of Oahu, U.S. Army Lt. Robert Thacker was puzzled.

It should have been a peaceful Sunday morning in Hawaii.

See the attached PDF for the full story as captured by By Fred Swegles | fswegles@scng.com | Orange County Register
PUBLISHED: December 6, 2017 at 3:50 pm

Posted by MeltrackzFPV | Yesterday @ 10:12 AM | 1,207 Views
I was flying my Blade torrent 110 and punched it to do a dive and on the way up I heard a pop and seen it coming down .
JUST ONE OF THEM DAYS (3 min 45 sec)