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Posted by Eddie P | Nov 24, 2019 @ 02:06 PM | 7,414 Views
Many aviation careers and aircraft ownership experiences were started by a life of model aviation, especially when model aviation is exposed to kids. My history is no exception.

This is my full size RV-8. I fly her to work sometimes, where I get to fly airliners for my career job. On days off I enjoy formation, aerobatics and taking friends and family flying in the 8.

I have my parents, family and friends to thank mostly, but also model aviation (with all the great people and mentors in model aviation to thank), for teaching me to “speak airplane” fluently from a young age.

A change in topic follows, but not really... In the United States, and indeed in “many” (not all) first world countries, commercial aviation is a highly refined, mature, and... a profoundly safe activity.

It with with empirical proof that it is safer to live on board a U.S. Major Airline airliner than it is to live in one’s own home. This is not a competition between any form of transportation. It’s a victory in safety, won by the Major Airlines, over even an activity as viscerally comfortable and secure as living in one’s own home, as far as personal longevity goes.

Most, even within the global international aviation community, can’t comprehend this distinction. They certainly can’t meet the data with their flight operations. This achievement was by no accident or entitlement. It’s taken many lives, over 100 years, and countless efforts by some incredibly intelligent, gifted, passionate...Continue Reading