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Posted by Eddie P | Nov 26, 2008 @ 01:59 PM | 43,339 Views
I was the 8th person on the waiting list for Tam's A-4 back in 2006. Two small kids, family... and it's still being finished. It's a major slacker story to be sure.

EDIT: It's finished! As of March 30, 2009. Flew at Cal Jets 2009 in April!!

Most of the serious building occurred winter of 08/09 and then resumed in the spring of 09. All told it was not a difficult build AT ALL, it was just a build that occurred in a very busy time of my life. The time spent building was fairly short for such a complex aircraft. Hats off to Tam for offering this kit and doing all the ground work in making it available; and making sure it would fly as advertised!

Wren Supersport power (18 pounds thrust for a P-60 weight and less fuel burn). Finished weight is 18.2 pounds dry, with full UAT. Tank capacity is 84 oz. Tamjets Smoke pump, Details for Scale centerline hard point, dummy fuel tank/ECM stores. etc. I modeled the "F" series, with the avionics hump.

I used markings from the VF-126 "Aggressor" squadron of the late 1980's based out of Mirimar CA. The Aggressor guys are instructors and play the "bad guys" in the mock air-to-air training of the fleet pilots, hence the scale Soviet Styling and red star for a little sabre rattling. Many people apparently do not know about the Aggressor units as I've had constant questions about it since I've been flying it. The Soviet markings and color schemes on some US Navy/AF jets of the 70's and 80's vintage...Continue Reading