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Posted by Eddie P | Dec 29, 2007 @ 10:13 AM | 41,262 Views
EDIT - April, 2014

It has been 4 years since the previous edit to this blog. - The details are listed on the last post for the third motor and third rotor version, bringing a multi-blade, quiet and powerful 3500 watt power system to the classic airframe (over 1:1 thrust to weight ratios). Older listings are left in this original post below to document the history of the model that is now over 8-9 years old and still flying strong (with regular maintenance of course). The model was originally built in 2004 and flown regularly from 2006 onward.

EDIT - August, 2010
May He Rest In Peace - the designer of the El Bandito and master German craftsman, Ralf Dvorak passed away unexpectedly at a far too young age. We will sincerely miss Ralf's fellowship and amazing inspiration to the radio controlled jet community. Thank you for what you taught us and brought to the community, Ralf.


Some models never get old.
This El Bandito has been flying regularly since construction finished (started 2003), and has been in my possession since purchased in kit form from Ralf Dvorak. I bought it before my first daughter was born and now at 10 years old she has gone with me several times to fly it with me at the field. Parts of the airframe itself pre-date all the kit Bandito's, as the fuselage itself was one of Ralf Dvorak's original "specification" parts that he compared various new releases to when he would get a new batch made. When he sold the rights to...Continue Reading