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Posted by circuitfxr | Mar 22, 2015 @ 08:51 PM | 14,477 Views
Hello everyone... This blog is going to be a small rant. I apologize up front if this offends anyone.

3 weeks ago I finally got a new car. I have needed one for so many years. My job requires me to use my personal vehicle to drive to people's homes so I can measure for new flooring. I am required to park on the edge of the street in front of my client's homes. 5 days ago I came out of a measure to my car and found I could not open the drivers door. There was a HUGE dent in the fender directly in front of the drivers door. No note, no car, no way of knowing who did this.
I informed the owner of the house I did the measure in, of what had happened and he told me it was the guy who lives across the street.
I called the police and had to wait 45 minutes for them to show up. A police report was done and the hitter still had not returned home.

The officer returned to the suspects house the next morning and verified he was the one who had done the damage. I only had the car for three weeks! The officer told me that the man is 89 years old and can barely walk and has trouble seeing and hearing. I am wondering how a person with all those problems could still be allowed to drive ???

The officer charged the man with felony hit and run since he did not leave a note and fled the scene of the accident. The man calls me directly and can't stop apologizing. He asks me to NOT go through his insurance. He wants to pay me direct. He then tells me that he has had 2...Continue Reading
Posted by circuitfxr | Mar 04, 2015 @ 10:39 PM | 14,456 Views
Hello and God bless to all my loyal followers! I have a lot of new things to share.
I have recently had a great streak of good fortune. ( I call them blessings).
Things started with a larger than expected tax refund. (Always a good start! LOL)

I was finally able to address some of the issues that I have been putting off.
First off... I was in desperate need of a newer car. I use my car for my job and the old 15 year old jalopy just wasn't getting it any more. I was successful in obtaining a newer car and it is another Mitsubishi! My last one lasted 15 years...

I recently found out that the finance guy got me lower payments than originally agreed to and it includes a 2 yr extended warranty! Oh happy day!

I got all my bills paid current and I found out my eye sight got better instead of worse! Unbeleivable! It seems that my old glasses prescription was designed for when I was 65 pounds heavier. Since losing the weight, my glucose levels changed and my close up vision now requires a WEAKER prescription. All this time I thought my eyes were getting worse, it was actually the opposite!

I also have been able to indulge in some new RC toys. I am currently awaiting a FPV quadcopter to be delivered. I intend to use this for taking some ariel videos of my boats in the water.

Just last week I was asked to be a leader for a new youth group for teens at my church. I have always wanted to work with teens and this will be a great opportunity to introduce the hobby to some next gen people. Don't see why I can't combine God , community service, fellowship, and RC. Gonna be a lot of fun!

I am a Christian and I believe all this has happened by divine intervention. I now feel like this new year is going to lead to many new things and a new ME! God bless!