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Posted by circuitfxr | Nov 02, 2014 @ 07:34 PM | 8,392 Views
Hey all...Its been a while since the last update so here is the latest. My focus has been on the Slip Slider (Chameleon). The newest info is that I fried the ESC that was supposed to be for this project. Once the majic blue smoke has been released, there is no going back.
Although I found the programming instructions and user manual, I could not get the ESC to drive the motor correctly. I suspected the ESC was faulty but could not be sure until it smoke under normal testing. There were no shorts in the wiring and there was no other external factors that would contribute to a catastrophic failure. I have to assume there was a manufacturing defect of some sort. Since there is no way to prove the unit wasn't hooked up incorrectly, the warranty would not be honored. The ESC only cost $10.00 anyway, so it is acceptable losses.
I assumed that a big name like Turnigy would have a very low failure occurance, I guess I was just the lucky one. I have a new ESC on order that is a bit more robust. I am hoping it will work correctly so I can do some functional testing. Please check my build thread for more details. Thread is in Dock Talk and called "EDF powered Foam Board Hydrocat". Stop by and check it out.
I also did a float test of the Chameleon and you can see the photos in my build thread. That's all for now. I am doing this around my work schedule and things are getting busy right now. I'll do more updates when I can.