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Posted by DutchRC | Aug 21, 2018 @ 08:17 PM | 3,821 Views
Halloa people

I didn't come across an owners / general discussion topic on this quad / drone, so now there IS one I guess
Is this the actuall quad with a FrSky sticker on it? Not completely.. I'm aware of one before this: the Frsky Apus MQ60.. a tyni-woops like quad..

SO! Now FrSky are going to be making a serious FPV quad of their own.. The Vantec BQ210.. Obviously BNF with a FrSky receiver..
Aparantly there is still $$ in making BNF quads.. One could be forgiven to think the market is kinda saturated (?)

Some pictures then

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Posted by DutchRC | Aug 18, 2018 @ 07:56 PM | 4,017 Views
Halloa guys

I got me a new FPV goggle in last week, so I have set about testing the thing It is a box-style goggle, and I should tell you that my current daily driver is the TopSky F7X v2, which is offcourse a Fatshark style of goggle..
I think most people never give box-goggle a second look after switching to Fatshark-style goggles, so I really wonder if the FXT Viper has a chance of converting me :P

LInk to this new V2 version: FXT Viper v2 - Box style FPV goggle

So basically most tests I'll do are to see if these goggles are something I would want to be my daily drivers.. If I like them at all, I'll at least use them exclusively for a month so I can do a long-term-review for you..

For now.. I've only done a bit of flying around with them.. here is what that looked like:

Testflying the new FXT Viper V2 - FPV Goggle - Proximity flyin :) (7 min 11 sec)

resolution: 800x480
field of view: 45 degrees
screen type: TFT LCD
channels: 40 channels
power input: 7 - 28 V
4/3: yes
16/9: yes
use with glasses: yes (easy)
Diversity: yes
HDMI in: yes
DVR: yes
OSD: yes
audio out: Nope (but has a speaker)
Posted by DutchRC | Aug 13, 2018 @ 02:44 PM | 2,940 Views
Halloa people

in case you have come across my channel lately, you probably know I like the KHX5 Elegant frames from GepRC quite a bit.. By now I have build 3 quads with that frame..
BUT.. now there's allso a BNF / PNF version of it, for those of us that just wanna fly instead of building the quad themselves

Link to this quad: GepRC KHX5 Elegant BNF / PNF version

Excellent! The drawback of a ready-made quad is offcourse that you can't pick & chose the components yourself.. So has GepRC done a good job at that for us??

The Best RTF Freestyle FPV Quad :) - Show & tell (27 min 28 sec)

wheelbase: 230mm
material: 4mm carbon fiber + 7075 alluminium
flight controller: GepRC SPAN F4
ESC's: GepRC SPAN all-in-one 40A Dshot600
motors: GepRC 2306 2450 Kv
propellors: HQprop V1S 5040 x3
camera: Runcam Swift 2
VTX: GepRC SPAN 25-600mW 48 channel
receiver: FrSky R-XSR
OSD: Yes (BetaFlight)
smart audio: Yes
Posted by DutchRC | Aug 11, 2018 @ 03:19 PM | 3,239 Views
Halloa guys,

I didn't come across a thread on this camera yet.. Sorry in case this is a double-post..

So.. a while back Runcam released the Runcam 3 action camera right? It was short lived because GoPro didn't like it much.. with Runcam now discontinuing it's Session line of camera's I guess Runcam felt they wouldn't have a problem with a re-release of the Runcam 3

Link to the camera at Runcam's site: https://shop.runcam.com/runcam-3s/

Link at Banggood: Runcam 3S at Banggood.com

At this point in time I don't have a lot of info on it, but I'll update this thread as more info comes in..


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Posted by DutchRC | Aug 06, 2018 @ 09:44 AM | 2,154 Views
Halloa guys (and girls)

allright.. so offcourse I check out what's new & fresh quite a lot.. But after a while all new quads kinda are the same thing.. right?
The first version of the Kopis was pretty popular I think? Correct me if I'm wrong offcourse..

This new one though has some relatively unique features..
Link to it: Holibro Kopis V2 with carbon / kevlar arms

So the first thing I noticed was the F7 flight controller.. I haven't seen a lot of PNF / BNF quads come with an F7 yet..

Second thing I though: looks nice.. black + bronze.. even the props.. nice.. Not something unique offcourse, but I do like it

and yep.. offcourse it kinda looks A LOT like the Flosstyle :P yep.. It even has motor-protection Fingers...
A clone? Neh. I don't think so.. the contruction isn't the same IMHO..

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