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Posted by dgliderguy | Mar 22, 2012 @ 03:11 AM | 13,583 Views
I was able to make a quick detour out to the flying field today, during a much needed break in the wet weather streak we seem to be stuck in up here in the Pacific Northwest. I was greeted by blue skies and warm sunshine as I pulled in to the parking lot. A perfect spring day for a couple of maiden flights on two models that have been patiently waiting for their big debut.

My Polk's Fokker Dr1 was first up. I have a Magnum XL30AR four-stroke mounted in it, which turned out to be a great choice for this little 37" span model. It rolled straight down the runway and lifted off in perfect form, like it had done it a thousand times already. Very little pitch change was needed, so I must have gotten the CG right. The control authority was a bit spritely, especially those big ailerons, so I may step them down a bit for my next outing, but other than that the little red triplane flew beautifully! As soon as the engine is broken in a bit and I can run it properly leaned out, I will try some stunts, but for today, I was content to just bore holes in the sky and admire those crazy louver wings and round, blunt nose. What an odd-looking airplane the Dr1 is! The landings were uneventful, with a nice rollout and no nose-overs or ground loops. Gonna be a fun one, this one.

The Art Tech Coot A was up next. I got this one from Hobby King for about 70 bucks, with servos and motor/ESC and everything-- just add rx and battery. It requires a 2s lipo pack, but I read...Continue Reading