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Posted by dgliderguy | Jan 01, 2012 @ 03:51 AM | 13,892 Views
I got this one at last year's Monroe swap meet, covered and ready for radio and engine. It was built by our own Dave Acker, who really knows what he is doing, so everything was straight and true, and no corrections or adjustments were required anywhere.

I just recently scored an almost new OS FS-20 four-stroker on Ebay. I didn't really have an idea what to do with it at the time, but the closing price was too low to pass up. I used to have one of these engines in an old 1938 Mickey DeAngelis Kloud King, and loved it. Wonderful little powerplant. Then last week, while rummaging around in my ever-growing stash, it dawned on me that the little OS and this Tiger Moth might be a perfect match.

Boy did I ever guess correctly. I did the maiden flight on it today, and the OS hauled the Tiger Moth off the ground with authority. I flew most of the first flight at half throttle, only going to full throttle for loops and stunts. What a great combination! Now I have the smallest four-stroke OS ever made, mounted to the smallest Tiger Moth in my fleet. The kit box advertises engine sizes from .25 to .35. At 46" span, and weighing a mere 42 oz, the Gee Bee Tiger Moth loves floating along at a slow cruise overhead. Can't imagine putting a .35 in it! Insane!

Now that I know I have a keeper, I will finish the job, with interplane struts, windscreens, and more graphics. I cut the roundels out of plastic film, with a circle cutter (like a compass with a swiveling cutting blade attached). Worked out pretty good. Could use some black 1/2" numbers, if I can find some in my stash.

What a fun little plane! Man, I sure do love Tiger Moths...

[EDIT] Added interplane struts, windscreen, and graphics, so I updated the photos to show finished product. On my fourth outing with the TM now, and still absolutely loving it!