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Posted by dgliderguy | Jan 24, 2009 @ 01:39 PM | 22,827 Views
Caught up in a passion for nostalgia over Christmas break, I decided to build that musty old kit of the Goldberg Hi-Thrust Viking that was sitting patiently in my kit stack for so long. I happened to have a NIP (new-in-package) Lil' Screamers outrunner motor that was waiting its turn on the boards, and it seemed like a perfect marriage of old and new tech just waiting to happen. Build thread here.

I couldn't be more pleased with the results. It floats like a dandelion seed, handles like a handlaunch glider, and the waves of nostalgia beam off its bent wings and perky tail feathers with every banked turn. Ah, yes! I DO still remember those heady days in Utah so many years ago, flying my first TD049-powered Viking over the fresh-plowed fields, and chasing it down on my bike. What great memories of more innocent times, recreated here in the flesh, with an authentic kit found on Ebay, and a shiny new electric motor to power it up to thermal height. I may have to dig out that old Top Kick kit now, so I can relive my fond memories of the towline days, running the glider up to height on the end of a kite string. Life is good!