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Posted by myrcmodel | Oct 31, 2014 @ 04:58 AM | 6,908 Views
Tarot just released one new quadcopter Tarot 650 Sport.
The wheelbase of it is 600mm, and it comes with the electronic retractable landing skid. And the price is only $137.

Tarot 650 Sport quadcopter frame is the latest generation multicopter frame for 650 class multicopter. Tarot company independent designed the frame and hold several patents. The Tarot 650 Sport comes with the new electronic retractable landing skid, retractable landing skid controller board TL8X002. The gravity center is lower, the installation space is bigger, and the quadcopter is more stable.

The main frame comes with the high strength matt surface PCB circuit board. With it, it will be faster and safer to connect the power and esc wires. Meanwhile, it saves much space on the frame. The new version motor mount plate added the brushless esc installation hole, clamp-on design make it more convenient to adjust the horizontal of the motor mount. Two different color of the motor mount design has strong visual effect, and it will be easy to know the direction of the quadcopter in the air.
Posted by myrcmodel | Oct 24, 2014 @ 04:49 AM | 6,256 Views
The Halloween Promotion is available at
Posted by myrcmodel | Oct 15, 2014 @ 04:46 AM | 6,713 Views
The WLtoys V977 Power Star X1 6CH 2.4G Brushless RC Helicopter is available now!

The price is only $109. Free Shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by myrcmodel | Oct 11, 2014 @ 01:52 AM | 6,548 Views
Hobbywing Xrotor 50A Brushelss ESC for multicopter is available now!

The Xrotor series ESC is a new and independent series hobbywing created based on the performance requirement on multi-rotor aircraft. The XRotor seriers speed controllers have significant improvements in throttle response, compatibility, usability over the existing series ESCs for aircrafts.

Main Features:

1.1 Special core program for multi-rotor controllers greatly improves throttle response.
1.2 Specially optimized software for excellent compatibility with disc-type motors.
1.3 All settings except the timing are preset, making usage simple, highly intelligent and adaptive.
1.4 The twisted-pair design of the throttle signal cable effectively reduces the crosstalk produced in signal transmission and makes flight more stable.
1.5 Compatible with various flight-control systems and supports a signal frequency of up to 621Hz (Note: all throttle signals over 500Hz are non-standard signals) .
1.6 Special drive chip has much better MOSFET driving effect than common driving circuit consisted of discrete components.
1.7 MOSFET with extra-low resistance brings high performance and great current endurance.
1.8 The high-light LEDs save the trouble of mounting any extra color light on multi-rotors.
1.9 The dip switches at the bottom of the ESC control the ON/OFF status, color of the LED light, timing, and the motor rotation.
Posted by myrcmodel | Oct 10, 2014 @ 04:56 AM | 6,735 Views
HML650 Quick Install Retractable Folding Landing Gear For Tarot 650 680pro and other mutlicopter frame.

And the price is only $109.

It is extremely easy to be assembled, requires only 2 minutes. The whole combo weighs about 224g. It is suitable for hexacopter or Quadcopter with the wheelbase of 450-700mm and flight weight less than 4KG. It supports 6S battery to power it directly.
By using a 2-position switch channel of the RC transmitter, you can control the landing gear to retract remotely. The retractable landing gear will not block the view of the camera lens, making smooth shooting in all directions possible. You wonĄŻt like to miss it.