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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Nov 20, 2014 @ 08:57 PM | 34,987 Views
After 2 years, its done. Ready to fly! I will be doing a new blog posting on this soon with video, specs etc... If you go back a little in my blog there are more pics and info on this very unique camera hauler!

I am very pleased with the outcome and hope to get her skyward soon.

Spy in the Sky II showing off its lights.:
Spy in the Sky II showing off its lights. (0 min 25 sec)

100" Spy Drone with Navigation and Strobe Lights:
100" Spy Drone with Navigation and Strobe Lights (0 min 20 sec)
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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Nov 20, 2014 @ 08:15 PM | 34,922 Views
I recently got into short course racing with my sons. I started with two, then bought a couple more. Recently I ordered a bunch of aluminum bling for mine (the Lucas truck) and installed it after breaking several front a arms. It looks good and I am positive I wont break another one.

I found that race spec out of the box the truck is squirrely under acceleration and cornering. Subculture tires work the best at my track, the stock ones are not very good on dirt. I think the added weight will help that but havent had a chance to test it and get it dirty yet. I added a new body, clear slipper cover and installed beadlock wheels for display at home and have a full set of Subcultures for the dirt clay I run on. I still run the stock Reedy electronics but have upgraded the steering servo to a Savox after stripping the stock one. Ill ad pics of it in the next post. Thanksfor checking it out!
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Nov 05, 2014 @ 03:03 AM | 35,957 Views
Yes, winter is on final approach once again here in Michigan. The snow will be flying soon so I have created yet another monster to give me something to do besides shovel the damned white bliss off my driveway. It is my Snow Machine short course street racer. This is one of three of my race trucks so while dirt racing is idle I can play around with this. I bought sand paddles and a set of Dubro airplane skis and went to work. The mod took about two hours. I used gull type a arms and installed them upside down to get proper height in the front end and then cut the fenders on the body to give it a different look. I wanted the rear fenders off to open up to allow snow to fly at will. The paddles were mounted on Traxxas wheels and I used Six Shot paddles. The lights took another two hours and look really good. They are powered by a separate 11.1v 1000mah lipo. Ill get some videos when the white stuff starts sticking to the ground!

Team Associated SC10 Short Course Snowmobile:
Team Associated SC10 Short Course Snowmobile (0 min 23 sec)

SC10RS Snow Machine Short Course Snowmobile:
SC10RS Snow Machine Short Course Snowmobile (1 min 5 sec)
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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Oct 31, 2014 @ 10:47 PM | 36,234 Views
I bought this airplane after having the 85" version. The big one was a pain to transport and keep foam from getting beat up so this one got my attention. I flew my brothers before buying it but it didnt have the punch the big one had so I had the remedy in mind before the purchase. I had a new Turnigy motor sitting on the bench fitted to a Turnigy Trust 45A esc. When my S2 arrived it took me about 20 minutes and the power unit was installed(very easy). It can be flown on 3 and 4S lipo. I used the Parkzone Icon A5 three blade prop and spinner. It can be used on the stock motor but if you go to that prop you may want to go up to a 25-30A esc to prevent a fire.

First flight was on a 3S 2200mah. Take off roll was about 2 feet and went like a rocket upstairs. Dont think it will nerd 4S but I have the option if need be. This plane is a blast to fly and looks very good.

I ordered a set of floats for winter flying and just tonight added a new set of Multiplex Fun Cub Tires and I already like it better. If you have been looking at this plane dont hesitate on buying it. It fits in the back seat of a car in one piece, flies on 3S 2200 and has a lot of options like carrying a GoPro, floats, glider tugging and mild to wild aerobatics! Besides that its a Cub...