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Posted by flyinjrc74 | Dec 30, 2010 @ 08:19 PM | 11,560 Views
I bought this plane a long time ago and never flew it with its original .049 nitro engine. Recently I sold the .049 to JasonWI to get a motor and esc to convert it to electric for my son Joshua. Last night Josh and I went to work and added all the electronics and esc/motor combo. We used a Turnigy 25A esc and a 1400KV R/C Timer outrunner swinging a 7X6 wood prop. It is being powered by a 2S 1300 mah lipo and controlled by Futaba. We added to new servos to allow it to have separate elevator and rudder control, the original BEE used one servo that linked the elevator and rudder together but that method to me is not good for anyone to learn how to fly. Test flight scheduled for tomorrow, last day to fly in 2010 and it is supposed to be 50 degrees outside!

The landing gear was long gone so I found one that was off another airplane and bent it to work, kinda Ben Buckle-ish if you know what I mean. Has a lot of spring and will prevent tipping over on take off and landing. It gives the plane a much better look and I think will help him keep from ground looping it. The CG is spot on and I was surprised how quickly and easy it was able to be switched to electric~

I wiped my first EZ BEE out after ripping the left wing off back in 1990 while performing a air show in front of all my relatives at a family get together(still brought to my attention to this day)! I was doing snap rolls with it and POP goes the left wing followed by a spiral downward to earth while the .049 continued screaming at full throttle, not my best performance and what a site to see!!!

I am not sure who is more excited to see it fly???
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Dec 30, 2010 @ 07:56 PM | 11,086 Views
This plane is absolutely awesome. It was bought for my wife at the Pot-O-Gold swap meet in Indiana this year. My wife saw it as soon as we got there and told me she had to have it. Hard to believe no one coughed up $75 for it which was the asking price before the show ended. It come complete with Hacker inrunner with planetary gear drive and esc plus all servos. It is guided by a Spektrum receiver and flight performance is incredible!

The plane will take off in a couple feet and go vertical until you chop the throttle or kick in some control input. 11 ounce RTF weight with 1000 mah lipo. It looks like a drill bit with the dual rates on and gets over 11 minutes of flight time.

The builder whom I do not know definitely knew what he was doing as this Sukhoi is one of a kind and is constructed very well with overall weight in mind. The main spar is a arrow shaft by Easton which I thought was very neeto.

We both look forward to flying this airplane again when the snow leaves and spring begins, for now it is under lock-down in the dungeon.
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Dec 14, 2010 @ 12:55 AM | 12,258 Views
I do not have a name for this contraption nor is it finished yet. I started it last night because I want a airplane that can fly higher and be able to lift more weight than my current slow sticks in my fleet. I was given a wing by a friend locally that is 2M. I had a couple extra GWS SS kits sitting around and here goes a couple more for parts to make this one.

The motors are Venom 1925KV and the ESCs are Eflight 25A that are all new. I am using Groupner 4-bladed props to make this thing move and soar to altitude with a quickness. I tested the esc's and the motors individually tonight and I may need to tone them down a bit. I might have went a little too much on the power but they sound very good singing to each other....

The nose gear is custom made and the mounting area has been beefed up to keep it from snapping the boom under load. I am using another set of X-gear mains from Millennium R/C to handle the extra weight of this bird. The twin tails are also custom to make turning a little better and to add to its odd looks.

I am building a simple pan and tilt mount for the nose and will use my Creative Vado HD video camera for great video from a much higher altitude than possible with the standard GWS Slow Sticks. I will post more pics in the coming days and post videos after the testing phase of this very odd looking creature!...Continue Reading
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Dec 11, 2010 @ 09:55 AM | 11,286 Views
I was thinking about selling this gem but after cleaning it up from sitting and running the engine again I just cannot bring myself to do it. And to think I have never flown it. It was flown 3 times by previous owner and builder and it is just a super looking airplane.

Cessna 182 1/5th scale by Top Flite, it is powered by a OS 1.20FT Gemini four stroke that just awe's me when I hear it run. It has a 15X6 prop on it now but I think I am going to go to a 15" 3 blade propeller and spinner. Plane is set up with on-board glow ignitor, light kit will be soon guided by Spektrum. I am using Hitec 645MG servos on the elevator and rudder and standard servos throughout the wing. Two other servos operate the lights and Fowler flaps. I am using a 6V3300mah niMH for the receiver and added a new 2C onboard glow battery and the lights are now powered by a 2C 1600maH lipo. The previous owner was using a 8 cell TX pack, too heavy compared to the lipo that is in there now.

The exhaust is a real piece of work too. Looks original and keeps the slime on the bottom where it belongs!

Hope you enjoy the pics and I will add some later of it taxiing and maybe a video. This bird is my Hangar Queen till spring~...Continue Reading
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Dec 05, 2010 @ 02:29 AM | 11,204 Views
My Charger puts a smile on my face every time I drive it! Which reminds me, I have to go buy another Java Monster~
Posted by flyinjrc74 | Dec 05, 2010 @ 02:08 AM | 11,371 Views
I have been night flying most of this year with simple 3 to 4 light set ups at partially lit parking lots and also at various pitch dark fields. Sometimes even from the city street in front of my house. I have not lost a plane or had a crash yet but honestly 3 or 4 lights does not cut it! I also like to fly in the winter so this is the answer!

My NightStick-V

This is the only one out of the several variations of Slow Sticks by GWS that I did not add ailerons to. I figure I will not be doing aerobatics and since I am planning on carrying my HD camera up in the dark the ailerons would be useless. Besides I can also make a new wing and add lights to it if I change my mind!

This one is guided by a Spektrum AR6110 and is powered by a RCTimer 1120KV outrunner through a 30A RCTimer ESC. I toned the prop size down on this one to a 8X6e APC until I decide to add the camera, then I will go to a 9X6e or 10X7e by APC.

The light kit is a custom made 11 light set purchased from Matt at RCSPEEDSTERS of whom will custom make any combo of lights you can think up. This one uses a combo if solid White/Red&Green plus has flashing white and reds mixed in. Solid reds face downward and the flashing red up. I also have two solid white forward facing lights mounted to the lower end of the Millennium R/C upgraded carbon fiber gear. There are four white flashing bulbs, one facing the rear, one facing down in the center and the other two are facing outward at the rear of the wingtips.

...Continue Reading