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Posted by burkefj | Jul 30, 2015 @ 06:44 PM | 8,344 Views
I decided to do a slight modification to my rocket boosted ALCM today to allow it to be used as a pusher as well. Originally the ends were square straight and it did not allow any air to get to a propeller(did not matter for the rocket glider). I trimmed the ends and tucked them in which is actually more like the real thing.

Boeing AGM-86A ALCM RC Parkjet (5 min 39 sec)

Here's the original build thread with construction photos...

I was able to drop an esc in from the front hatches, and run the wires to the back and hook it up to my motor pod and the 3s 800mah pack didn't require any additional nose weight. Nice thing is for rocket boost, I can just pull the motor wires up, roll them and velcro that and the esc in the front of the model with a 120 2s pack and I don't have to add any nose weight for rocket boost either.

I had three flights this morning, starting with a CG about 3/8" ahead of my rocket boost CG, then moving the CG eventually back slightly behind the original rocket glider boost setting. Interesting thing, it took quite a bit of up trim for level flight, but increased speed didn't change pitch, in fact it was very straight flying, even with just the tail surface control. As I moved the CG back I thought the up trim would come off, but it wasn't the case. I think the angled flat nose is pushing down or something. In any case, it flies very nicely, good roll rate, nice pitch, very nice slow flight with no bad tendencies, looks really good,...Continue Reading