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I'm looking for a new motor. I cannot find any spare parts. Does anybody know how the help? For Eachine Razor. I have that Lion battery that came wirh the RTF version. It's only a 2 cell with 7.2 volts but I need the same original strong motor. Anybody any suggestions?
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Happymodel's EP2 ELRS receiver is perfect for small FPV drones like tinywhoops. It measures only 10x10mm at 0.4g weight. You do not need an extra antenna as this RX features a SMD ceramic antenna providing plenty of range.
Happymodel EP2 ExpressLRS receiver (2 min 17 sec)

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Really nice weekend for flying and I finally got a group shot of our sailplane members.

Left is a YellowJacket 3.5, Center is a Pulsar 3.2 and right is a K3600
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Hello everyone,

Next video from September 2021. Helicopters are in the spotlight

1) Alouette II - September 12, 2021 / Pilot : Lionel H. / Cameraman / Steve G.
2) Lama - September 12, 2021 / Pilot : Alain K. / Cameraman / Steve G.
3) Soxos 600 - September 12, 2021 / Pilot : Yann M. / Cameraman / Steve G.
4) LOGO700 - September 12, 2021 / Pilot : Jol F. / Cameraman / Steve G.

Heli RC Alouette II (3 min 35 sec)

Heli RC SA315B Lama 1:3 Scale (4 min 26 sec)
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The answer is yes. Running a swamp cooler hydrated the TPU. It's not an internet myth. Swamp coolers, bathroom exhaust, & rain storms destroy TPU. If TPU absorbs water, it makes structurally weak prints. You can get away with baking it in an oven & storing it outside, but best results are going to require food dehydrators & enclosing the printer.

The lion kingdom is keen on making a dehydrator out of a peltier cooler & heat sink. A peltier cooler is seen as a more useful heater than a resistor, since the cold side can extract water. In this case, all the air in the filament chamber would be recirculating over the heat sink with the goal of manetaining a certain temperature. If the chamber is too hot, the peltier shuts down. If the chamber is too cold, the peltier turns on. The only fresh air comes from the cold side of the peltier junction. If the cold side is above a desired temperature, no new air enters. If the peltier junction is below a desired temperature, new air enters.

The theory is this system gives off heat on the outside of the chamber. There could also be a way to switch between outside & inside air for cooling the heat sink. It requires both temperature & humidity measurement. A dehydrator isn't as efficient at making water as a water generator though. A dehydrator has to be concerned with the humidity of its exhaust while the water generator doesn't care about the humidity of its exhaust.
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For 6 years or so I have produced a tachometer for the X2/Harbor freight mini mill.

This year the prices for the parts has really gone up. So much that I think the product is a goner.

I made them for something to do since I'm home bound and it's better than watching TV. They were not a "hot" seller but they did keep me in cutting tools and metal for my own projects.

I will make 10 new kits at the price that keeps my cut the same.(No raise for the debt slave.) If they still sell at the same pace I will continue to make them, if not I'll just figure the powers that be said it's time to quit.

Sad as it seems days of TV watching may be in my future.
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My new favorite 1s AIO board for Toothpicks and Nanolongrange FPV. It gives you way more power!
BETAFPV F4 1S 12A AIO Brushless Flight Controller (2 min 6 sec)

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Another sample of what it is possible to get with my "modified GLH II wings". Wings have been covered with obeche and the fuse is a little bit stronger, so the weight without battery is 460 gr.

In the video the first flight was made last week, but unfortunatly I came in for landing too fast (I knew it was too fast but I did not want to go around for another approach) so the plane jumped anf flipped breaking the tail. Just a little hot staff and this week I made the second flight you see in the video, this time the approach has been slow enought, but I can assure you it could be slower. The final part shows how little throw is needed on elevator (and this is valid also for the "4 days" model).
The videos have been made with my phone and no zoom so part of the time you do not see the plane, but you get an idea of the speed anyway.
I made also 2 more videos with zoom, but the sky got cloudy and the light was not sufficient for the autofocus and on the top the plane was quickly disappearing on the grey background.

nearly a racer (6 min 10 sec)

wingspan 84 cm
length 65 cm
weight 460 gr without battery
motor NTM 2836 3000kv
Prop 5.5x5.5
battery 2200mAh 3s 60/120C

The speed computed with the doppler system is 220/225 km/h but being passes too distant for a "real" reading I can estimate it around 240/250 km/h.
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This is first Evening Flight of my newly acquired BNIB (discontinued old-stock) Eflite Pawnee Brave Night Flyer 1.2m BNF Basic.

Eflite Pawnee Brave Night Flyer 1.2m BNF Basic - First Evening Night Flight (6 min 30 sec)

1) Flaps Installed (Spektrum A330 9-gram Servo x 2)
2) APC 11x8.5e Prop and Dubro 1.75 Spinner Installed
3) Parkzone Mosquito 3.25 Soft Light Foam Wheels Installed
4) Ailerons set to maximum deflection on servo arm and horn
5) Elevator pushrod set to second from outermost hole
6) Rudder pushrod set to second from outermost hole
7) Using Pulse 3S 2250mAh 65C Lipos (186 grams)
8 ) 2 Coats of Minwax Satin Finish Polycrylic applied to airframe

This Pawnee is simply magic. I was at first apprehensive about flying this at night but as soon as I saw how effective the lights were, I was excited to get it up in the air. It simply glows and theres no mistaking its presence.

The Pawnee Brave Night Flyer is definitely not a rocket ship, nor does it have unlimited vertical. But it excels in presence and demands finesse in the pilot to make it look the part in the air. Im loving the fact that it actually pushes me to make it look real.. from the takeoff, coordinated turns, proper application of throttle when needed, and buttery landings that make you want to be in the pilot seat.

A plane that teaches me a new appreciation for flight is definitely value in my eyes. The fact that it completely lights up is just an added...Continue Reading
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Hello! My Hobbyking HK-GT2B Controller is not working properly, the steering randomly stops working and randomly starts working if re-paired with receiver. I have had this problem a couple of weeks now i cant drive my RC car because of this. I've been scourging forums but cant seem to find anything


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Part 2

- Made some inner boards/decks to accommodate all electronics. Mostly 5V & 12V BEC's and two PDB's. I want to have most if not all devices their own power supply to increase redundancy.
- Upper deck dry fitted and braced so it doesn't drop down while constructing.
- To do: Install Matek F765-WSE wich is en route with the mailman
- Must finish the two masts to accommodate camera, VTX, Actioncam, pan/tilt and a bunch of antenna's probably
- I still need to order a serial transmitter like a 3DR SIK Radio or clone for telemetry & wireless connection to the Ardupilot Ground Station laptop.
- Learning how to use Ardupilot
- Paint the whole thing in a nice color. (I like orange)
- Glue the deck in

The battery is either/or two 4S/5000 Lipo's or a 12V/17000 Lead battery. Probably the lead battery is either way going to be used as ballast to stabilize the whole thing. It floats quite high due to low weight....Continue Reading
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You wanted it YOUVE GOT IT!
Official SBANG (X-X-X-X) Props by Gemfanhobby and Farok Fpv!
Can you guess what the size and pitch is going to be? Comment down below ️!🔽🔽
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D-Rock (Derek Micko) and I decided it was time to knock out another Fighter Face Off. This time Derek thought we should try going back to 30" wingspans since CoVid has a lot of folks who might not normally build cooped up and they might be short on building space.

D-Rock went with the Nakajima Ki-27 Nate fighter while I went with the Brewster Buffalo. These two airplanes saw a great deal of interaction in Burma and Malaysia at the beginning of WW2. The two were fairly evenly matched, although the RAF wasn't well supported in the early days and found itself in a war of attrition.

Unfortunately, unlike FFO1, D-Rock and I haven't had a chance to fly together yet with CoVid and all, but we did get our articles submitted to Model Aviation. The Nate debuted in the September 2021 issue and finished in the October build edition while the Buffalo was introduced in October and will finish in November. Free downloadable plans are offered for both models on the Model Aviation website: (Buffalo plan will be available next month)

Lasercut kits with plastics and plans can be found at Manzano Laserworks:

And as always, this project started as a build thread here on RCG: Reading
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The lion kingdom couldn't even print the same exact tire without something going wrong. The pancake tire was as soft as sponge while the lofted tire was a brick. The slicer put slightly more material into the lofted tire, despite failing to print sections. The lofted tire also had less curved sections. It's strange because the pancaked offroad tires were as hard as rocks. Another theory is the filament was more hydrated in the pancake tire.
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A montage from todays flights at Sheridan Oregon, D and E powered R/C rocket gliders

R/C rocket glider montage September 2021 D and E powered (13 min 22 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Sep 25, 2021 @ 10:09 PM | 20,794 Views
A flight montage of H-13 RC rocket gliders from today

Large R/C H powered rocket gliders September 2021 (7 min 53 sec)

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Last week the weather was not cooperative at all, especially the windy storm over the weekend. So got stuck at home and build.

Our previous flying wing got some cracks so I decided to build another one. Last time it seemed to me the hardest part was to get the CG right. I had to put the battery all the way to the nose and taped two quarters to the nose to balance the weight. I tried to move the motor around and it seemed to help but totally not enough. So I did some simple math and realized that contradicting to my instinct, the most weight at the rear end of the flying wing needed to be balanced by battery is not the motor/prop. The weight actually came from the foam itself, for the lightweight build I am building.

So I wrote some simple Python code and enumerates all sorts combination of wing span, sweep, root cord and tip cord, taking into consideration of motor/prop location, as well as where to open the slot for prop, finally decided a wing shape that would make me most easily to balance the CG with the stuff I have, as well as having a low wing loading.

The wing span is 30', AUW 185gram.
Name: 20210920_203418.jpg
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Size: 3.69 MB
Name: 20210920_203430.jpg
Views: 0
Size: 3.38 MB

And because I was not able to try to fly it immediately, I decided to build another one.
This one is a FT Flyer like plane. The wing/stabilizer were all cut by following the FT Flyer plan. However, to make things simple and light, I decided to skip the fuselage (or the power pod as the plan called), and just stick the two parts together with hot glue.
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The issues with Eflite 60-120 85 degree electric retracts have been posted many times over the years with no input offered by HH. HH has bought up most suppliers so there is little chance of any resolution. I recently purchased yet another set of the retracts, only to find they work sometimes and sometimes don't. So far no major crashes, just have to flip the gear switch up and down a few times to get them to come down when approaching landing.

I have the same problems whether using a Futaba Tx and Rx or a Spektrum Tx and Rx. I have tried them (I have several sets) on the bench right out of the box and have tried 6.6V LiFe batteries (2200 and 3000 mAh) and various y connecters including the one that comes with the retracts and heavy duty ones from HH. All the sets have the same inconsistent performance and HH will not respond to questions about it. Oddly the Eflite 60-120 95 degree rotating retracts work perfectly in my planes and always have.

I sent 2 different sets of the retracts in to HH tech service and they say there is nothing wrong with them.

Anybody find a solution to the problem? I would willingly buy another set if HH has resolved the issues but they don't respond to queries. Has anybody tried using a separate battery/Rx for the retracts or setting them up on 2 different channels in the Rx instead of a y connector to insure balanced voltage to the retracts? Lastly any recommendations as to another brand of electric retracts?