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Posted by KYlawyer | Feb 14, 2011 @ 11:22 PM | 4,478 Views
Episode 6, "Kids Say The Darnedest Things."

Well fellow fliers, I'm back to where I left off after an unexpected hiatus. So where was I?

Oh yeah, so I'm suddenly finding myself in this hobby for under 2 months and I have 3 planes and 2 helis. This from a guy who figured I'd never come close to filling up the model memory on the DX6i. Now just because I have all this stuff doesn't mean I'm good at flying it of course. I decided to do it the old fashioned way, by the school of hard knocks.

Having gotten fairly good at flying the Stinson, despite two stupid crashes, I figure its time to move up to another large foam park flier. Heck, I've been smoking up the sky with the um T-28, it just figures I should be an ace with the big Parkzone T-28D. Plus, everybody here on RCG said I should start with it over the Stinson because its way easier than the tail dragging Stinson to fly. So I amble on down to my LHS to see about getting one.

Now this is a weekend when I have my 14 year old son with me. I've had him out flying with me several times, and to say he is unenthusiastic about dad's new hobby would be a gross understatement. Sure, he picked up the DX6i and flew the MSR and UM T-28 off the cuff just as well as his old man who had been struggling for weeks. But to him, why fly some dumb piece of Styrofoam around when you can sit on Play Station 3 live and shoot em up in realistic looking graphics and combat?

In any event, we're out and about and so I drop...Continue Reading
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Back From the Brink

Well fellow hobbyists, I'm back to regale you with more tall tales and exaggerated truths after a little long term visit to the LH. No I didn't misspell the popular acronym for "local hobby shop", but in this case it means "local hospital." After an emergency room trip, with genuine emergency, and almost 10 days of testing, prodding and picking, I'm back a little worse for the wear and seems I'm making a fairly good recovery.

So, now I can continue on with my stories. But first I'll digress to say thanks to all the well wishers here on RCG and for your kind words. It's cool how this hobby binds folks and how you can make good friends who are usually miles and continents apart. Restores my faith in humanity, which two ex wives pretty much wrecked.

Stay tuned here for more worthless mental scribblings.
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Episode 5 of “The Travails of an RC Newbie.” This episode, “Where the Hell Did All These Miniature Aircraft Come From?”

In our last exciting and informative episode, our hero, I of course, had just finished busting up a perfectly good Park zone Stinson Reliant. Having glued everything I could back together I checked the prop, which I had to carefully bend back into shape, by running it on the motor. Holding the fuselage in one hand for dear life, once I spooled it up past half throttle, the thing sent a vibration through me that was enough to shake the gonads off a marble statue of General Patton. I needed a new prop, not to mention a cowling, as the one I smashed was now more a jigsaw puzzle then scale motor cover.

So I set off to my favorite local hobby shop, Hobby World in Louisville, KY. Hobby World is a great little place with great owners and staff and just the sort of place you find in old TV shows like the General Store in Green Acres or the bar in Cheers (Free ad here guys, so don’t forget to give me a big discount).

I walk into the shop and my senses are assaulted by the enticing sights of RC goodies. The minute I walked in, I forgot I was on a mission to purchase 2 specific and certain items. This wasn’t helped by the fact that one of the owners was engaged with a customer. So I hang around and browse a dangerous thing for one’s bank account when you are an ‘RC-coholic.’ “Hmmmm, I never realized that Park Zone made this many micro planes?” “Wow, I...Continue Reading
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Episode 4: “The Travails of an RC Newbie.” This episode, “Have Gorilla Glue® Will Travel”

When last we left our intrepid foamy pilot, he conquered the treacherous skies with the assistance of his trusty steed, the Park Zone Stinson Reliant SR-10. Three take offs and most importantly three landings later he was a verified RC pilot. But for full disclosure, the last landing was a bit hard resulting in bending the landing gear a bit, a known quirk of the PZ Stinson duly recorded on the Stinson thread. With my head held high and chest puffed out, I was convinced I had this thing licked. I am the Topgun and Chuck Yeager of EPO foam planes all rolled into one. I couldn’t wait to go back and gloat on the pages of RC Groups, ready to rub it in the face of those naysayers and nattering nabobs of negativity who predicted dark doom and failure upon me for violating the approved R/C apprenticeship.

Having to realign the gear, a relatively simple task, I figured this was the perfect time to install the optional flaps. I purchased the servo when I bought the Stinson, but when attempting to install and get it to work prior to the maiden, I discovered the servo was bad. I returned it to my wonderful local hobby store owner, who, after initially looking at me like I was an idiot who didn’t know a servo from Shinola, verified my assumption and promptly replaced said defective servo.

Surely this would be a good time to set up the flaps. If the maiden went that well, the flaps will...Continue Reading
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Episode 3 of “The Travails of an RC Newbie.” This episode, “I’m an RC God, I think?”

Back to our story, I have purchased this foam and plastic piece if artwork and now what to do with it? I get it home and begin the “unboxing” phase.

On an aside, what’s the deal with every RC flyer posting a “What’s in the Box” video? Not to denigrate anyone, but do we really need to have everybody who newly purchases a new plane video a recitation of the stuff in the box? As I recall Park Zone makes it pretty clear what you get in the box if you check the Horizon Hobby website. Is there some secret prize in 1 out of 1000 boxes these guys are hoping to win and therefore videoing the event? If you really want to make an RC video that will be interesting to all, skip the boring vids where you pull the individual pieces in the box and describe them. Instead take that sucker and mod it out with a 6000 watt motor so it’ll go 300 knots, and fly that sucker so fast the epo foam melts from the parasite drag. Now that will be interesting.

Anyway, so I get this big ol’ box home and set it out on my living room floor. I have to do it here, because my workshop downstairs is not wired for satellite TV, and I’m divorced so I have no nagging wife to tell me I can’t spread a bunch of foam plane parts all over the floor to the point you can’t walk through the place. There are some definite advantages to being divorced when in this hobby.

Back on task, I get the parts pulled out and they are...Continue Reading
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Episode 2 of The Travails of an RC Newbie

Where we last left off our intrepid hero, he was newly divorced and looking for an easy to learn, simple, non-frustrating, and low cost hobby to occupy his newly won free time. So naturally he made the logical choice and found a hobby that would satisfy all those criteria and decided to become an R/C aviation enthusiast.

But now how to go about it?

Well first I figured Google was my friend so I put a search for r/c flying. After weeding through the ubiquitous links to p*rn sites, I finally happened upon a place of intelligent, reasoned, always polite folks who came to gather in perpetual harmony and agreed on all things model aviation. But instead I decided to try the link to

After lurking for a bit and picking up some of the lingo so I would sound at least somewhat like I had a clue and that I knew a lipo from an LHS, I posted my first query regarding starting out in this hobby. I let folks know I had done some research and thought I would like a high wing slow plane like the Park Zone Stinson Reliant, heavily promoted and due any day at Local Hobby Shops. In response, I got a series of very patient and understanding replies.

Basically, I was told that I MUST start, as all these responders did, with, a Hobbyzone Champ, a Super Cub LP, or an Eflite Apprentice. It was the rule. It was the tradition. It was written upon the Mosaic Tablets. It was the requirement of the Gods of RC flight. If I even...Continue Reading
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The Rhyme of the Electron Flyer,
(Or, Worthless RC Mental Fastfood)

Episode 1, The Travails of an R/C Newbie

For those who may not have read any of my posts, allow me to introduce myself. I’m just like my screen moniker says a lawyer from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky.

A couple of clarifications regard those facts. I try to be honest about who am I so, I was honest about my profession. On most other forums where I post, I give my career as a headwaiter at the Greyhound Bus Terminal Café. Let’s face it these days that has a higher regard in the public eye than the legal profession. As to the great Commonwealth of Kentucky, please do not harbor the common preconceived notions about Kentucky. We do wear shoes here most of the time, if you count on one foot, and most folks have at least 6 teeth myself included. I’m not married to my sister, aunt, grandmother or any other female of first level consanguinity.

That being said, we do like r/c flying around these parts. Even if by radio control you mean tying a chicken to a car antenna and zapping it intermittently with a low watt swine prod. Nothing like having some good ol’ flying while cooking your Sunday dinner all at the same time!

I wanted to get into this hobby way back in the dark ages before 2.4, lipos and when they still made some r/c stuff in places other than China. In 1977,(yes, that’s AD or CE to you younger types), a basic 4 channel radio set cost about $400.00. Now for those of you who were...Continue Reading