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Posted by mikeochs | Sep 08, 2018 @ 09:42 AM | 3,238 Views
All I can say is wow why have I not bought a EF before. There models are so nice to put together... Everything is perfect... This thing maidened with on click of elevator trim and thats it. I set it up exactly as told.. The cg is neutral. It flies the same inverted as right side side up. This baby is a cream puff for landings also. I just so happy!! I recommend this plane to any intermediate pilot and above... You will not be disappointed
Posted by mikeochs | Jun 02, 2011 @ 06:23 PM | 7,119 Views
Finally got a bi-plane. I love this plane. It has great colors and lines. It flies great, went with the Rimfire 80, electrify ss-60 hi-volt and 6s 3300 30c batteries. I also decided to go with fullsize servos, ds821's . It does not seem to make any difference as far as being tail heavy, it balanced out perfect on the recommended cg starting point. It is though very sensitive to battery placement in the nose so be careful. The real only complaint that I do have is the way the arf was put together at the factory. It must have been a monday or something. They cutout 2 rights on the landing gear slots so the holes didnt line up. Fixed that. The bottom wing bolt plate was off a touch too and i fixed that. The stabalizer slot was cut to high on rightside so i had to trim that a pinc so it was paralell. But now it is done and looks good, And just so you know Tower Hobbies did make it up to me so I am happ with there customer service.
Posted by mikeochs | Jan 28, 2011 @ 06:23 PM | 7,391 Views
Well this is my new Meteor from Dynam. It flew great with a few little things i had to fix and adjust but this thing really flies nice and for the money you cant beat it. I maidened it on a 4s 2200 Blue lipo, I had to putt the battery way forward to balance it but there is plenty of room for upgrade. It seemed to handle great and perform well but I thought it was a little slower than it showed in the video. I also flew it on 6s 2200 nanotech and this was insane performance. It was a easy 95-100 mph flat and level, very touchy on the controls but it handled no problems, although i was not able to push it past about 80% due to over amps. It tested out at 1240 watts at 72 amps wot! I would suggest better equipment with this setup, I am going to stick with the 5s setup for overall performance and weight and amps
Posted by mikeochs | Oct 28, 2010 @ 02:14 PM | 7,755 Views
Took these today, wish the weather was better
Posted by mikeochs | Sep 07, 2010 @ 02:28 PM | 7,953 Views
Took these at the field yesturday