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Posted by rschoi_75 | Jun 13, 2016 @ 10:35 PM | 8,572 Views
Air Hogs Millennium Falcon -FPV Build Log:

Parts List:
- Air Hogs Millennium Falcon.
*tip - sometimes used ones pop up on ebay for under $50.
- MMW CL0820-15 "fast" motors
- Nano Qx 4-in-1 FC. (newer version with the white outlines).
- 600tvl micro camera, 3.3v-5v version.
- AltitudeRC 25mw 5/8ghz vtx
- True RC Clover or oversky cloverleaf antenna
- Mylipo 1s 480mah 40C lipos or similar.
- 3v LEDs (optional)
- JST red pigtail
- JST 1.0mm pitch, 2p connector (included with AltitudeRC vtx)
- JST 1.0mm pitch, 4p connector (included with AltitudeRC vtx)

- Liquid tape or small diameter heat shrink
- Foam safe glue
- Sharp utility knife
- Fishing line (optional)


1) Cut open the outer shell using a sharp knife. Don't be afraid to make your own path right down the center (horizontal) line of the frame. Take care while cutting around the nose. I found out the hard way that the led wires are easy to cut by mistake.

2) Carefully remove the stock board and lipo. Cut the wires of the lipo one at a time, making sure the exposed ends do not touch. Use shrink wrap to seal the wires, or install another connector and use as a 1s battery on something.

3) Flip the quad over, and cut off the bottom caps that hold the motors. You will need to cut them off, as they are glued on.
Cut the stock 8mm motors wires as close to the motor can as possible. You'll need to re-use the wires, so do not pull them out.
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Posted by rschoi_75 | Mar 27, 2016 @ 04:47 PM | 7,445 Views
Ok, so recently my wife bought a lego set to give away as a present. It happened to come with a little free Ninjago promo figure that happened to include a little dragon too. My wife, being the awesome woman she is, knows that I'm a dork and let me keep it. Of course my first thought was, "I wonder if it will fly properly with all that extra weight..."

It's absolutely ridiculous, I know... but my 6 year old nephew is going to think it's the coolest thing on the planet.
Even I have to admit that fpv is pretty entertaining with this thing.

Lego Dragon-H Micro FPV Quad.

- MMW 3D printed Lego motor mounts (8.5mm)
- MMW 0820-15 motors
- Lego Ninjago dragon figure
- Nano-qx fpv 4-in-1
- Quanum Elite 40ch 25mw camera/vtx
- Graphene 1s 600mah 65C lipo
- Hubsan clear props

MMW Lego Dragon-H Micro FPV Quadcopter (3 min 19 sec)
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Posted by rschoi_75 | Nov 25, 2015 @ 12:03 PM | 9,974 Views
Cheap DIY Indoor air gate.

Items Needed (makes two micro air gates):

- 2x Wire clothing hangers from the dry cleaner.
- 1x Cheap led string lights from amazon ~$8 usd w/ prime. Multiple colors available, and sold in pairs.
- 2x Rubber bands, twist ties, zip ties, duct tape, etc. Anything that can hold the battery to the hanger will work.

Step 0:
Get Comfy, grab a cold beverage, and turn on a movie while you do this.

Step 1:
Take a wire hanger and pull the wire into the shape of a rough circle. Try to get it as smooth as possible. You can make other shapes if desired.

Step 2:
Starting at the hook end, begin to wrap the led string light around the wire. Begin with the battery side at the hook and continue until all the insulated wire is used up, ending right at the start of the circle. (refer to the pictures below for reference).

Step 3:
With the lights turned on, wrap the led's around the wire. Use the lighted led's as a spacing guide for the lights. If you really want to get technical, you can measure the circumference of the loop, and divide that number by the number of led's on the string, and you get your estimated distance in between each led. Personally, I'm pretty lazy and I ended up just winging it. It's a diy gate, no need to get too technical imo... but you can if you want too.
Continue until all the wire is used up, and you're done!

Step 4:
Mount ???

Step 5:
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Posted by rschoi_75 | Nov 23, 2015 @ 03:02 PM | 8,292 Views
This is my list of preferred components when I build a brushed micro FPV platform.

Micro Frames:
- MMW Carbon Micro-H
- MMW Carbon Micro-Hex
- Phoenix Flight Gear 135mm Micro-H
- Phoenix Flight Gear 130mm Micro-Hex
- SOSx Micro-X V3 130mm
- SOSx Dragonfly V2 Micro-Hex 130mm
- Team Racekraft Honey Badger 90mm
- Picnic Efficiency Racer Frames
- Picnic/MMW Reggae Shark V2

- Hubsan H107C/D replacements - good for tame indoor flight
- Multirotorsuperstore 0820-17 motors - Fast, efficient, and cheap. My motor of choice.
- MMW Chaoli 0820-15 "Fast" motors - Good mix of power & efficiency. Good for FPV platforms.
- MMW Chaoli 0820-17 "Dark Edition" motors - The fastest of the bunch. Pulls the most amps too.

Flight Controls:
- Blade Nano-QX FPV 4-in-1 - Good for beginners, cheap, built in receiver, not the best board for acro, and lvc is annoying, but it's the cheapest DSM2/DSMX compatible board available.
- Beef's Brushed Board - Very nice board. Fully tunable via cleanflight, accepts sat receivers, optional hex adapter available. moderately expensive.
- Multiflite Nano-B - My personal favorite. Quad or Hex capabilities, built in spektrum sat rx plug & bind button. Built in jst connector for ftdi adapter (no messing with boot pins). Fully tunable via cleanflight, Most expensive of the bunch.
- Micro scisky 32bit - Newest 32-bit controller. So far reviews are very positive, and it's very affordable. Quads only.

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Posted by rschoi_75 | Oct 18, 2015 @ 10:34 PM | 126,068 Views
Here are some videos I took with my 1s micro fpv quad and hex.
I'm seriously addicted to these things. I can't get enough of them.

PFG 130mm Micro-Hex w/ on-board HD recording.
Unfortunately I had a small mis-hap with the hex FC, but hopefully that will be fixed soon.

PFG 130mm Micro-Hex Playground Proximity and Death... (3 min 48 sec)

PFG 110mm Micro-H

Phoenix Flight Gear 110mm Micro-H Playground Proximity Fun! (5 min 38 sec)
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