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Posted by juanito | Sep 18, 2017 @ 06:26 PM | 5,420 Views
I am beginning the salvage of a group of three trashed and thrashed Flyzone Mico Fokker DR.1 planes.

I plan to use Spektrum UM/UMX gear.

Here is a photo from Tatonka's conversion... I believe the guts are from the original (non-AS3X) P51.


and another:


more later
Posted by juanito | Sep 03, 2017 @ 05:57 PM | 4,402 Views
It actually has flown now... but oddly. Let me explain.

I built this plane to use a very special brick (receiver + ESC)... the UMX Habu-S brick from Eflite. It is special because it has:

1) the early version of SAFE orientation ... just like the much-beloved little Sport Cub S with SAFE.

2) AS3X stabilization (look it up)

3) an ESC that runs brushless 2S motors built in.

Being old, like Father William, I no longer trust my ability to maiden a new type or even a new model of a type I have flown before. SAFE in Beginner Mode makes it possible for the receiver's little brain and sensors to MOSTLY fly the aircraft until I sort out the transmitter and some of the trims., after which I can simply switch SAFE partly off or all the way off while still airborne.

About the only catch is that SAFE planes in Beginner mode tend to exhibit some down-trim. You can see this working.. and its effect, in the following little video... of the second flight of my Guillow's SE5a. I launch, gain control, and (after a few seconds) switch SAFE off. The plane immediately enters a series of stalls from which I chose to recover only enough to get it back on the ground safely. Next time, I'll have a full battery and go high enough to trim the plane out.


See what I mean?

I intend to use this blog to explore the use of SAFE/AS3X gear in kit-built or plan-built or scratch-built miniature aircraft. For those preferring larger planes, Spektrum and Lemon and others make a variety of equipment... but I just like the ultra-small UMX size of airplane (cheap, quick to build, very light, fly almost anywhere, no need to get the FAA or even the AMA involved, among other reasons/excuses/pretenses).

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Posted by juanito | Nov 26, 2016 @ 08:37 PM | 6,133 Views
After decades of not flying models, I got back into the hobby just a few years before the FAA regulations arrived. After this new regime of governance was imposed, I became interested in the new 3-D stabilized micro BNFs, especially those from Horizon Hobby. ... because they looked to fly like larger aircraft in moderate winds, AND because they all weighed less than 8+ ounces all up -- and so were mostly immune to gummint regs and zoning restrictions.

About this same time, EZFlier and several other old hands began publishing building logs on the smaller Guillows... and I retired from my last UNretirement (ramp crew for UPS at the Albuquerque Gateway air hub). With time on my hands, I began to jones for building another Guillows 300 series light general aircraft model like the ones I had built in the 1960s... only modern, full-house RC, with AS3X stabilization. YES!

EZFlier built a Series 300 Guillows Cessna 170 and made it amazing light.. 53 gramms RET flying weight. So I dug out two ancient (one from the 60's and one from the 90s more-or-less) Aeronca Champion 85 kits (# 301) from the attic. These were diecrushed.. and one was classic Guillows mahogany balsa. Both were incomplete. But just to see if I still could, I built from the combined kit wood according to plans.

For lightness (hehehe) I sanded down most sheets to perhaps 2/3 of their original thickness and then set about restoring the diecrushed parts using gallons of Elmer's glue. I covered with Coverite...Continue Reading
Posted by juanito | Oct 14, 2016 @ 09:21 AM | 5,348 Views

Take a look... revived from a terrible death by regular superglue melt of the lower jaw....


It's a few posts down from the top... and you will know when you are there