Posted by Zimodile | Sep 25, 2006 @ 08:29 AM | 5,776 Views
Well - Sunday was a good day's flying... Had to wait until the wind had died down around 1730 and then got the Rondie up after having secured the wing rather better - found that the angle of incidence had increased somewhat thanks to a poorly secured wing mount. That explained the unpredictable behaviour in the last flight, I think... Anyway, she was great. Even got onto high rates this time, and did a few Immelmans and reverse Immelmans as well as some fast low passes with climb outs w 90 degree banks on the way out. Love that manoeuvre... Anyway, after 3 succesful flights, the dumb gene struck again. Tried to get that last one wrung out of the battery, and had the BEC get me. Lost the motor whilst turning into the wind low level - didn't have the power to climb for the turn, and stalled her mid turn at low level - not much damage though, so not too much of a worry! Although I have to say that the wing is definitely looking past it's best despite the various repairs. I'm going to try and convert it from being a screw fixed wing to being an elastic band fixed wing as this may suit my current "flying style" better! Otherwise, it's time for a new wing and lots of concentration, as I think now that provided I stick to the non-stupid rules (like no twilight flying and no flying on a debatable battery charge) I should be able to keep her in good condition.

Anyway, despite the daft dink, I'm feeling rather encouraged towards trying out the Space Scooter in the near future. So I'm aiming to get her all ready for the weekend, and then take a deep breath and give her the heave ho into the wild blue yonder.

Hope that you all had a good weekends flying...

Posted by antslake | Sep 25, 2006 @ 07:14 AM | 16,535 Views
Well I made my first build thread, it was fun.

I also posted some videos of the NEAT fair:

And here is my entry in the hobby lobby crash video contest:
Posted by StevieG | Sep 25, 2006 @ 12:12 AM | 2,219 Views
Well, some time has passed since I last pushed a stick around. But it's time - retirement time. So back to the hobbies I once knew. A 4ch and a Gentle Lady to get me started again. Heck, I flew control line and nitro R/C with my dad as a kid. I can do this.... Couldn't find a local pilot, but, it's like riding a bike, right? (Ok - I did not take everyones' advice. )

Went out today to "test glide" her. Wow - balance was right on! Beautiful day. Winds 5-10, a vacant 3 mile square of desert sand, what could possibly go wrong? (Did I mention I did not take everyones' advice?

Ground check of the radio, everything moves. She's trying to lift right out of my hands in the gentle breeze. A slow easy toss and she runs straight, down slightly then catches the breeze and starts to climb. A little stick flips her over! No big deal, lots of sand around. A few rubber bands later, a little harder toss and a climb out to about 20 feet. A little stick left, a little right, and instant lawn dart! Ouch! (Did I mention I did not take everyones' advice?)

A few more rubber bands, reverse the elevator servo switch (did I mention I did not take everyones' advice?) and away we go, a little firmer toss. OK - I'm 6' 3", 215 so I can throw a 2m plane. Yes indeed, up she went - to about 60 feet! Hung beautifly in the breeze looking into the wind. The hawks were thermaling all around in curiosity. A small turn, and downwind she went. Great speed! Another turn, a...Continue Reading
Posted by driftinsequence | Sep 24, 2006 @ 06:40 PM | 5,270 Views
Posted by guy5927 | Sep 24, 2006 @ 02:49 PM | 4,165 Views
Posted by Zimodile | Sep 24, 2006 @ 06:19 AM | 5,763 Views
Well apart from anything else, she's turned into a bit of a grumpy old horse - not surprising given the ineptitude that she's had to put up with. Anyway, got her up yesterday in a bit too much wind - ground level - and then once up to some height, discovered that pesky "wind gradient" thing. She was getting blown all over the place! Added to which, I was trying a new prop aimed at getting some more revs out of an overpropped set up, which turned out to be rather lack-lustre to say the least.

Anyway, turned out to be a great experience, as once I had decided that we needed to land, I had to get her back from downwind, and thought several times that I had lost any chance of getting her back. However, finally got her back over the field, and managed a smooth landing. Hurrah! But she's definitely developed some nasty habits which don't (at lerast to me) seem particularly predictable. Figure that this is possibly good for my development as a relative beginner? Certainly makes flying a bit more of a challenge... Any thoughts on that? Or do you all think that it's just better to have a predictable aircraft and learn by seeing predictable response to input rather than having to react to what the aircraft does... Thanks for any advice, all...

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Posted by WarrrEagle! | Sep 24, 2006 @ 01:41 AM | 8,995 Views
Thought I should post some pics for my blog since it was all empty and sad!

I am going to document my R/C Progression and the concurrent Obsession and just run through a bunch of pics!

I should note that I got my ABC and started this hobby less than 2 years ago! Addictive personality? Thankfully not regarding substances but apparently so regarding this hobby! ...Continue Reading
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The uncovered canopy base of my foam edge, made a "strange" turbulence that made the aircraft pull up. Very rare!

How did i notice this? Well, i was test flying the Edge, when in a snaproll, the canopy falled. The plane, instantly flew straight! Yeah! How a canopy could generate such "up" force?

Posted by Fly_n_low1260 | Sep 24, 2006 @ 12:06 AM | 2,347 Views
I am so sorry I didnt realise that I couldent post an add for kits in several forums at one time..

SO I am appologising!!!!


Posted by Get Real | Sep 23, 2006 @ 11:31 PM | 5,036 Views
chilly/dark cloudy skys/damp out and high winds.. ofcourse i'll fly today . flying was uneventful.. only flew one pack to check things out. flew good as new. sprayed canopy black when i got back from running errands. looking forward to some better flying conditions and wringing the plane out finally.. last time i tryed that i lost half an elevator and had to land after about 2 minutes . should go better next time.
Posted by lslewis | Sep 23, 2006 @ 08:27 PM | 3,406 Views
Readers of this Blog, please excuse my rants? I have a cold, not felt well and have listened to much TV news. That can depress anybody. Little if any constructive work has been done on the Comair. I have been fussing with the wings and think I have successfully warped them so the plane will never fly.

The USA is loosing the hearts and minds of the world because we have our heads in a dark place. My opinion comes from the experiences of hurricane Katrina and the Israel Hezbollah war. I got the idea from of all people the Hezbollah! Immediately after the conflict stopped the Hezbollah set up tables in the rubble and gave people money to repair their homes! How brilliant! Why didn’t we think of that? Who are the people of Lebanon going to respect? Are they going to respect their “democratic” government or the Hezbollah? Are they going to respect the USA for all the money we gave their government? Never.

Give me $50 million, an army of 100 civilians, 100 card tables and twice as many chairs. I would sit them down in the rubble of New Orleans and give people CASH to fix their homes! No questions asked! I bet more people would see the government aid than they have. Some body is going to complain that the money was all misspent the people drank it or otherwise squandered it. True, but tell me what government, local, federal or state have you seen that does not squander your money?
Posted by RayH | Sep 23, 2006 @ 08:11 PM | 7,374 Views
No kidding, nothing makes you slow down more, than being totally and completely "unplugged". My Fiance' and I had an excellent 7 day voyage on The Royal Carribean Ship, Radiance of the Seas.
I highly recommend it to everyone.

I will be back in the shop on Monday.
Posted by DIALED/CHUCK | Sep 23, 2006 @ 03:48 PM | 6,982 Views
Well, I just wanted to document this I guess....

I am taking a break from RC to divest pretty much my whole cache of planes and work on the house. Plus, now that the weather is changing...I can get my son out to the park while it is not 100 degrees outside...and spend some much needed time with the wife.

Back in a month or so...I will essentially be starting from 'zero' with my I am excited to see what will be next.

Keep flyin! I will see you all soon!

Hugs, handshakes, and respect,

Posted by mazon | Sep 23, 2006 @ 07:04 AM | 4,848 Views
Hi guys,

"Flight log - My Radio Control Hobby blog to share my planes, helis and other interesting finds. Too many planes, too little time .... and money. "

Cheers and many happy landings.

Lastest post showing F18 edf pending madien
Posted by Screamin' Eagle | Sep 23, 2006 @ 02:30 AM | 31,368 Views
Well, the one thing I've NEVER been accused of is doing things half baked. I'm now well into a Higgins Rodent build and I have a Higgins California Sloper on the way.

The Rodent has been fun to build so far. There's just nothing like it around. Sheeting with 1/32 ply has been a revelation so far. I did my last set of PSS wings (on a CSD BD5) sloper, with balsa and glass. A massive load of work, and the ply wings are as stiff without glass as the balsa wings were with 6 oz glass top and bottom. Yes, there's a weight penalty, but as I've discovered with the 48 oz, 44 inch span BD5, these planes like weight, and fly better with more of it.

The Mini SR is coming along as well. Seems like summer is over here in SoCal, so it's time for big wind, Santa Ana wind planes. Tomorrow will be my first Santa Ana flying day of the season. For those of you not from SoCal, Santa Ana winds are hot, dry, gusty winds that we get in the fall here. They are typically in the 25-35mph range and mean we get to fly all kinds of crazy hills that don't get any action in the normal summer on-shores.

Our Santa Ana spots are all kind of nutty for some reason. One of the best local spots, Piuma Ridge, is in Malibu Canyon about 1500 feet above the ocean. When the Santa Anas blow, this poison oak-ridden hill comes alive with some insane lift. I am positive I've gone over 100 mph here with foam airplanes, diving in from 500 feet up in insane lift. There's no landing area to speak of, and ZERO recovery. Gotta love it.

I've sold off the Pica Sloper I acquired just two weeks ago. It flew great, but for what it cost, I could buy a very nice all carbon 60" sloper. Such is the economics of the large hangar.

The one plane I will be buying again come spring is an Art Hobby Falco. It's the perfect plane for the light, coastal slermal lift we get in Pacific Palisades during the summer. Speck out in thermals and also very aerobatic with full span ailerons.
Posted by booger | Sep 22, 2006 @ 10:28 PM | 8,506 Views
Well The pc-9 replacement is finished and maidened. I just love this plane. You can set it up many ways, and is bullet proof with some flying experience.
Okay so here's the setup I went with this time.

Ultrafly a/30/39 geared 3 to 1
Apc E 8 x 8
Castle thunderbird 18
tp 2100 gen 2
Electron 6
Hs-55 ailerons
Hs-55 elevator
No rudder
Covered the entire plane with econokote
Auw is 19.3 Ounces 545 grams

And to top it all off the plane whistles in a dive!!
Including some pics of the plane and maiden.
Needed only two clicks of right aileron
And the 3 clicks of down i put in before launch proved right on needed only little up for inverted.