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Posted by hisroyaldudeness | Mar 08, 2018 @ 04:34 PM | 7,512 Views
Frsky made telemetry affordable and powerful.
Especially for a DLG it is nice to be able to monitor the battery voltage and the strength of the received signal.
New is the G-RX8 which has the vario integrated on the already very small PCB.

Every D16 receiver is capable of sending its battery voltage. This is only useful if you're powering the receiver using a battery. Most RC-models have a BEC (Battery Elimination Circuit) and that voltage is stabilized. If something is happening there you are quite likely to lose telemetry before anything is sent.

Many DLG's end up using a 1S setup. None of the power options are perfect and each one has its specific downsides.
With only a single LiPo cell you will only have 4.2V maximum. Most RC stuff is made for 4.8V. That's the voltage of 4 NiCd cells. When you are structurally underpowering the setup you do need to select all your parts carefully. Especially your servo's. A popular DLG servo is the Dymond D47 and D65. These not only work fine on a 1S-setup, but they even work reliably with 2S.

The low self-discharge, energy/weight ratio and the energy/size ratio make LiPo-cells the only real choice at this moment. A NiMH can still be used, but they are quite heavy. Maybe you need some weight there after all??

The LiPo cell has one big disadvantage though. They like to be treated with care. It doesn't like to be discharged too much nor does it want to be fully charged at its peak voltage of 4.2V. When the LiPo is at 3.7V it...Continue Reading