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Posted by prayoub1 | May 28, 2019 @ 07:48 PM | 3,604 Views
May 28th 2019 Camped out at mount Greylock where I woke to some light rain. Drove to the top and ....Crystal Clear! Winds perfect out of the E-SE at 15 to 22mph. Launched a 3.3m Xperience Pro with a 15 ounce battery. Flights just keep getting better and better! Landing was 0 turbulance and with modualted flaps (f5j) just laid it down right in front of me as it slowly decended in place. Max speeds recorded on the on board Graupner GPS (MZ-32) were 63 MPG. Awesome!

Threw in some Mountainbiking, swiming in the cold river and perfectly cool lake, and ...oh, the previous two days were at Petersburg Pass !!! Hats of to my Dog Pebbles for doing two 7 mile Bike rides in the woods and a 3 mile hike to the top on the Appalachian trail....Continue Reading