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Posted by OilFlyOne | Oct 23, 2018 @ 11:15 AM | 7,333 Views
Parrot Disco , We brought one in and Have the Equipment Ready for the 4g Modification But First a Maiden !! Very excited for testing ,,,,, and here it is
Flying Parrot Disco with GoPro Hero 7 Black (5 min 16 sec)

Posted by OilFlyOne | Jul 04, 2018 @ 10:01 AM | 10,620 Views
Just wanted to Drop in for a Update with My friends Here,, I have not Forgot about you ALL,, and I am missing My Birds!! We have gotten Really Buisy with www.OilFlyOne.com in West Texas so I decided to Drop a Little Demo Below,, Please Like Subscribe & Share

OilFlyone (0 min 40 sec)

Posted by OilFlyOne | Mar 20, 2018 @ 01:03 PM | 8,275 Views
TBS Caipirinha I bought new when these first released and must say the Foam TBS uses is very Durable , I Modified the Wing a Bit By Strengthening the Nose with 1/6" Carbon Fiber, to make it solid as I knew I would Not use a GoPro , I also Made a Beefier Motor Mount to house the ESC with the Same Material and Clear Laminated the Entire Wing! This is a Jewel I love this Wing, Using all TBS Electronics came in a PNP ,, was a Bit tricky learning to Launch Properly but with Proper Balancing and Proper input throws its one of My favorite Park Fliers ,, I have not added any FPV Equipment or made any Major Cut ins as I moved to other Projects, but look forward to Experimenting with a V2 that is still in the Corner !!
Posted by OilFlyOne | Mar 10, 2018 @ 03:54 PM | 8,174 Views
Well I finally got around to Testing this Old Classic I picked up weeks ago Has Hitech servos all Around Omega 3120 with a Eflite 40 Amp ESC ,, This is a Ripper of a Classic the Handling, and Vertical of what this Little Beast can Do I am Sold on it, The AJ Slick Will be sticking around a While !!
Posted by OilFlyOne | Feb 20, 2018 @ 07:46 PM | 9,174 Views
Mini Ultra Stick I picked this one up at a big estate sale No motor so i bought the eflite 480 Motor and 30 Amp ESC , from a Local Member here on the group, The stick is equipped with Hs-55 Servos and running Flaps as Well , Flew it on a 9x6 sf Prop but recommends 10x6 Sf on 3s 2200 , Balances nicely 2.5 " Back from the Leading Edge...
I wish i would of purchased one along time ago, this is a Keeper no doubt. Super responsive with the flaps I had Lift off in a couple feet, all i can say KEEPER KEEPER KEEPER !!
Posted by OilFlyOne | Feb 19, 2018 @ 06:58 PM | 9,701 Views
Well the Foam birds are on the Market for Sale, But I must Say the Tundra is Second to None, I only Flew it on 3S 2200 about 4 flights 3 on Land once on Water, Durafly Makes Excellent Birds, This One I will Miss as it sold Today in the Midst of Making Room in the Hangar I know the New Owner will Enjoy it !!
Posted by OilFlyOne | Feb 14, 2018 @ 04:55 PM | 11,350 Views
Vas Specter Bought the Kit from StoneBlueAirlines Several Months ago and Had a Blast on the Build , Inside the Compartment The Rx is Team Black Sheep Full size Crossfire 1.3 Ghz With Immersion 5.8Ghz 600 MW Vtx Mounted Out on the Wing,, a Fatshark 700 TVL Camera implanted within the Nose ! Running all Recommended Power System and Electronics From VAS Using a 3S 5200 The Black Fuselage Covering I did with 1/16" thick Black color Board,, then Ironed Clear Mono,, it worked very well and Highly took the Place of chloroplast,, Flight Times Exceeded 32 Minutes if I was Not Hammering Away ,, The Foam on these Kits are Like Battle Tanks Very Strong, This was one of My builds... I just slowly Built Up in a 3 Week time!! Would Buy Another !!
Posted by OilFlyOne | Feb 12, 2018 @ 05:18 PM | 9,735 Views
Before the Hangar Cleaning begins I decided to Leave this Picture here ! I have a Load of new War Birds to Build and Fixing to redirect all the Foam Birds,, Mainly FPV to the Garage,, of Course this does not show every angle of the Hangar and there are several others hiding behind other Corners of the Room !! My Blog listed in the Gallery is really Only a Diary for myself not a bragging Right! Thanks for Looking !!
Posted by OilFlyOne | Feb 09, 2018 @ 01:32 PM | 10,651 Views
I have had the Mini Drake Built up now for Several Weeks and Must say Drake has some very Impressive Kits,, The tracking on the Mini and Speed is very Impressive, and I used all the recommended, Electronics!! I decided against using Paint and used the Carbon Fiber Sheet To accent the wing Prior to Laminating. No Fear after the Maiden of Adding my Spare Vector Mini to Send this one out! Only Other Mods Made,, I used the Boopido Wing Joiners which allows me to break the bird Down and travel through tight Rough Terran Should the day ever Come !! Very Impressed and will invest more in the Future with Mr. Drake!
Posted by OilFlyOne | Jan 09, 2018 @ 12:33 AM | 11,315 Views
Today I had what could of been a horrible mishap with 3s lipos Floureon 1500 mah and a Venom dual Charger , I Charged 4 of them up at 2.6 amp to go out for a couple quick flights, Something came up,,plans changed , and as always I set the charger to store my 4 lipos about 3 hrs after they were charged ,,as I don't like to keep them up on a full charge if I'm not gonna fly them.. The first 2 stored fine , plugged in the next 2 and to be clear these lipos only have about 6 Cycles each at most no crashes no lose wires,, I'm anal on my connectors ,,, 30 minutes into the Storage mode I began to smell Smoke in the house ,, In my hangar Room the charger was on a top shelf and with planes hanging on the ceiling 30 seconds more I believe I would not of been able to control the fire !! Still so uncertain on what it could of been , I bought that Charger new ,, when they first came out and used it numerous times but if you study the pictures of the Charger it appears it started from within the Charger itself Because the lipo had just started burning when I turned the corner ,,,Any feedback on what might of caused this I'd like to hear ideas... I never thought this would happen to me ! But luckily I caught it prior to my house burning down , The bad thing I'm out a Charger , burned a hole in my carpet , the Shelf it was on was a loss, and Brand new Eflite shoestring got a little Grilled that was hanging above the blaze !!! O let me mention the worst a Pissed off Wife lol !!
Posted by OilFlyOne | Jan 08, 2018 @ 11:29 PM | 9,796 Views
Flys Great !! Vector FC Telefly Pro
Posted by OilFlyOne | Jan 08, 2018 @ 11:25 PM | 9,916 Views
I love this Little Wing is a Dream with the Micro Vector running a 600 MW Immersion VTX with TBS Antenna , And RunCam can achieve about 5 miles out max of Video Feedback In My SkyZones !
Posted by OilFlyOne | Jan 08, 2018 @ 11:16 PM | 9,834 Views
Very Fast Flys on Rails somewhat tricky to hand launch at full weight up on a 3s 5200 Mah !Running a Vector Flight Controller ,Cross Fire 1.3 RX Tx and wired in A Telefly Pro to the Vector FC and Adding another GPS while Using Amoway 2000Mh 5.8 VTX And a Flate Panel 32DBI Patch antenna , to enable the MYFLYDREAM AAT to track the Plane!!

March 10, 2018 (0 min 46 sec)

Posted by OilFlyOne | Jan 08, 2018 @ 11:13 PM | 9,672 Views
Hacker Hotwing I would recommend to anyone starting to fly wings the easiest of all !!


Posted by OilFlyOne | Jan 08, 2018 @ 11:09 PM | 9,652 Views
Just part of the Dji Family I own