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Posted by Mowee | Nov 03, 2015 @ 06:55 PM | 3,738 Views
The Mac OS Finder hides all files and folders that start with a ' . ', but in an Open and Save dialog box there is a key combo that will display the hidden flies. Navigating to where the hidden files are in an open or save dialog box, Type ' Command + Shift + Period ' and the files that start with' . ' will show up.

One use for this would be installing the ' .DJI.configs' file into the DJI GO app on an iPad via the Mac.

1. Connect your device to iTunes
2. Download the ' .DJI.configs ' File. (I don't know where to get it)
3. Click ‘Add’ button in iTunes under the DJI GO apps Documents area.
4. Navigate the Open dialog to where the file is. (even though you can't see it yet)
5. Type Command+Shift+Period and it should show up.
6. Select it and click add. Done
7. Launch the app connected to the remote controller and it should now show support for 32 channels.
Posted by Mowee | Jun 19, 2015 @ 02:29 PM | 5,321 Views
You need to know the wattage or amp draw for your motors at 50% hover and what the maximum rating is as well. (the 50% number will change depending on weight load and props used)(A watt meter may be useful here)

If your using 4 motors that draw 22 watts each at 50% throttle.
This would be 88watts draw continuous at hover.

I you then divide the watts by the nominal voltage of your pack you get the amp draw of your motors.
88Watt / 11.1Volts = 7.9Amps draw.

You then calculate what the battery your looking at can supply continuous.

In this case we will look at a 5200 10C cheap battery first.
5200mAh / 1000 = 5.2A x 10C = 52A
This battery can do 52A continuously.

You then do the following calculation to see what percentage of this your copter is using. I rounded 7.9 up to 8
8Amps / 52 amps = 15%
So if your copter is hovering at 8A your using 15% of what the battery can do. This is really good but not the full picture.

What happens when your not at hoover and your using 85% or more of throttle? Lets calculate what would happen with the same setup pushed to 100% use.

The motors in my example would go from 22 watts each to 90 watts each.
So the same calculations would give you this.

90W x 4 = 360W total
360W / 11.1V = 32.4A draw at 100% load.
5200mAh / 1000 = 5.2A x 10C = 52A (Same battery)
32 amps / 52 amps = 62% of what the battery can do.
Would it work? Yes, but this would hammer the battery and likely lead to major...Continue Reading