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Posted by Piece | May 11, 2020 @ 08:52 AM | 16,265 Views
I originally bought my DT-03 for FPV, with no plans to do any crazy modifications.

Except I couldn't just ignore the combination of BLHeli's extraordinary low-RPM sync and torque, and the "bidirectional" setting that lets any random quad ESC run forward/neutral/reverse. Plus, quad ESCs are incredibly good at what they do. Active freewheeling bypasses the old part-throttle heating issues, resulting in a very tiny, lightweight ESC, and the "brake" is always active, slowing the motor down by force as soon as the throttle is reduced.

So long story short, I installed a cheap 3100Kv 3650 size motor, with the test ESC being some 30A BLHeli-S unit rated for 2S-6S that weighs about 4 grams. Initial tests rolling around my apartment showed it gives just a small jerk to get moving, but once the rotor is turning, the ESC will slow it down to a bare crawl and keep it there without effort. It makes the stock brushed setup seem like an uncontrollable rocket by comparison... and the torque is there, baby. I started shoving various objects and finally got the knobby tires to slip pushing a gallon jug of water, although the buggy was still able to move it around.

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Posted by Piece | Aug 24, 2018 @ 10:59 AM | 48,816 Views
I found this old Jeti Advance Plus 30A ESC in a box of electronics, ugly, unloved, and unused, so I decided to spruce it up and give it a home.

To begin, we must rip the patient into pieces. The original motor-side wires are too short, and all bent up, and the insulation is split open near the board. The battery wires are also too short, and very stiff. The receiver lead has a sketchy solder joint in it, and there's that dumb BEC on/off lead to deal with.

I wanted to take a picture of the "rebuild kit" before I soldered it all together, but that's just a bunch of wires and my phone's battery was too low for a flash. Oh well. Here's the assembled product. The switch pads have been soldered together directly to eliminate extra wires. The XT30 will be more than adequate for the model, probably.

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Posted by Piece | Apr 19, 2014 @ 08:00 PM | 53,145 Views
I think I need to buy new soap....
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Hated it
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Edit: This thing ended up turning into something totally different
Posted by Piece | Sep 23, 2012 @ 03:18 AM | 57,367 Views
I get more inquiries about this plane than any other I've ever built. I decided that I'd do this quick write-up with some pics so that I have somewhere to refer all you guys who want to know more about it.

This was my first built-up balsa plane, built somewhere around April 2011. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to build, but I never drew up any plans or anything. Just started cutting balsa and making it up as I went. It was originally intended to be a sort of park racer or fast aerobat in the 75mph range and was designed around the venerable Suppo 2212/6 motor and a 5x5 prop. It has full 4-channel control and was built with dual aileron servos for setup simplicity and control options (flaperons, differential etc.).

The open tail structure seems to be a point of continued fascination with this plane. That was actually the second fuselage I built for it; the first was more similar to a Slipso in construction and couldn't accommodate the motor it ended up with without tearing off the firewall on landing. The first-version closed fuselage was destroyed not long after I built it, so I replaced it with the open-tail one which had significantly more interior space and allowed me to mount the larger Suppo 2217/6 internally which I found to be more appropriate for the plane. V1.1 flew great (incredibly well, actually) but had a few spots that sat rough with me. They were mostly just basic design/construction things, but they made it less-than-perfect.

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Posted by Piece | Aug 21, 2012 @ 10:44 PM | 61,965 Views
This is pretty much just a compilation of some of the various pylon-type planes I've built over the past few years. Pics and basic specs of each just for fun.

- Slipso400 -

I started this one about a week ago, two days before I destroyed the blue and white one. Notable changes include a longer, higher-aspect-ratio wing (32" span, 4.25" root chord) that's made from a 3/8" plank, and a slightly wider, deeper, and longer fuselage. All parts blend smoothly together for a virtually seamless, incredibly slippery profile. Should be finished soon, hopefully.

- Slipso400 -

This is the newest Slipso I've built. Fully glassed, Venom V40 motor, 3S 1800mAh pack, 30A Jeti ESC. I think I finally did the linkages a way I like them, and overall I'm happy with the looks and such. Haven't maidened her yet but I'm expecting ~130-135mph.

**** EDIT 12-13-2012 ****
This Slipso was maidened a few months ago and flew very nicely. I've now got a Mega 16/15/2, 4.1x4.1, and a 60A ESC to drop in. I'm expecting 150mph as a conservative number with that setup, but it'll depend on how well my packs are holding up.

**** EDIT 1-4-2013 ****
A few days ago, after (I think) three excellent flights with the Mega setup, I wrecked this one by inadvertently activating the Delta Wing mix on my transmitter while navigating to its model memory slot. Went through a couple trees and then the ground. Its replacement has been on the bench for some time now...

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