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Posted by EasyFlier | Jun 27, 2017 @ 06:29 PM | 5,070 Views
Polecat this year was extremely fun!

Although I've been flying RC since 15yrs old, I've never attended a contest. For the past four years I've been flying Dlgs of all kind: Topsky, Snipes, Vortex and a recently acquired Stream NXT.
The maxa I brought to the competition was maidened 30 mins prior which made ne nervous. I didn't want to be competitive, but just for it to fly right!

My friend Marteen was very helpful providing all the logistics, chargers, tools etc. I provided the drinks!

As the rounds flew by, it seemed I was doing better each time. My strategy was very simple: go where I thought lift was, get the time, and do my best for the landings. What paid off the most was that if plan A didn't work immediately, I had plan B in mind and always re-evaluated the air I was in with each turn.

With some consistency I took first place!

The Ales contest wasn't a spectacular performance. Conditions weren't very challenging , but I didn't have the same approach with my strategy. I stayed too long in bad air, instead of reacting immediately to the lack of lift. That cost me a lot of points the first day, which prevented me from coming back on Sunday. I nonetheless redeemed myself a bit at 10th place that day and 16th overall.

It was one of the best rc experiences I've ever had. To meet so many great fliers, make friends, and have a ton of fun!