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Posted by Sabin | Jun 13, 2014 @ 11:40 PM | 13,372 Views
Preface: this will be a living blog. Meaning data will be updated as needed in this first post.

After waiting almost two weeks since I spoke to Danny last, the pack arrived today.

Upon going to the mailbox, I saw a key in the partition and I knew it was here. Picked it out of the larger partition, brought it home and opened it up.

The packaging was pretty good. The box arrived without any indication of anyone playing football with it, and it was encased in bubble wrap. It was a decent job, but it looked a little rushed, judging by the balls of bubblewrap stuffed in the box.

When I opened the box, I noticed that there were no instructions in the battery box itself. I would have liked to see an instruction leaflet informing me of charge rates and other necessary information. Seeing as it just hit the market, it's probably a simple oversight.

The aircraft it will be going in is a Mini Ultra stick built for speed and hard aerobatics. Currently, it holds an average speed if 140kph with Zippy 2200mah 3s packs.

I don't have a lot of information about it right now, and no instructions makes me wonder what sort of charge rate this pack is good for. But 65 amps constant gives me a good feeling that I can really wring the stick out.

Now for some data.

First discharge graph, to see what it's like straight out of the factory. It was charged at 2c beforehand and it rested for ten minutes.


The pack now has eight cycles on it. Most are from full throttle...Continue Reading
Posted by Sabin | Dec 22, 2013 @ 01:46 AM | 13,554 Views
Back in my childhood, I used to buy a lot.. and I mean a LOT of guillows chuck gliders. Both free flight and rubber band powered. I thought to myself: "man, wouldn't it be so cool if I could actually fly these things for more than a few seconds?". Back then, I didn't think it would be even possible, so the dream sat dormant for years. Fast forward to the birth of the UM series of aircraft and especially their electronics.

I was happy with those, and flew them as much as I could before the season ended. It was such a massive amount of fun, that I didn't want it to end. Of course, the club president decided to donate to me a couple UM aircraft. A night vapor, which I repaired, maidened and flew regularly in a gym, and an UMX extra 300, with a busted up frame.

I knew I couldn't repair the 300 without adding too much weight, so I stripped the electronics off it hoping I could use them in a project. Initially, it would be a prototype aircraft; one you would draw out in class when you were bored. A few weeks later, while I was in the hobby shop, I saw the very thing that started my never-ending love for aviation.

A Guillows JetStream.

The old bird called to me again, so of course, I bought one.

And then I remembered the electronics I had pulled off the 300.

The lightbulb didn't just turn on. It burned so bright, it exploded in a hail of glass shrapnel.

And so, I spent about five hours cutting CF rod, heatsink and the balsa itself to create control surfaces and hinges. Taping up what I couldn't create a CF hinge for.

And so, this was the result.

The Guillows Jetstream. Now under full RC control and waiting for a maiden.

The build and test thread is here.
Posted by Sabin | Oct 29, 2013 @ 12:15 AM | 13,093 Views
Seems I've been a member of this site for some time now, and never really bothered to write a blog entry. So tonight, I decided to do just that.

I'm a 34 year old male, and been involved with RC in some form or other since I was about eight years old. I don't remember what vehicle I got, but it was enough to get the bug.

Over time, I've owned many many different vehicles. Mostly toy-grade vehicles ranging from scale dump trucks to the Tyco Fast Traxx.

About ten years ago, I started making the transition from toy grade to hobby grade, starting with the x-mods and jumping into powertrain, suspension and tire modifications. Interest dried up as Radio Shack discontinued the entire line with a promise that a new version would come along... which never did.

Fast forward a couple years, where I started to seriously get into the hobby grade end of the hobby, with an XRAY M18 carpet racer and a TA05 chassis. Since then, I've owned a Yokomo MR4TC, an HPI RS4 rally, and then a Corally RDX. All touring car chassis have been retired save the Corally, which I run occasionally.

Now, I usually fly Airplanes, followed closely by Helicopters. Multi-Rotor aircraft is a new addition to my fleet and I find I fly those the most.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to be adding build logs soon. Stay tuned...