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Posted by phil alvirez | Aug 27, 2011 @ 08:29 AM | 8,203 Views
Snowgoose 20 is based on the super jet. proportions are by eye, and is larger (20"ws).
it takes the 6400 brick with v-tail mix and the canard is fixed. is powered by a brushless 1015 with a kenway gear box, a gws 6/3 prop, and 1 240mah hyperion cell.
71 gr auw. 5mm foam board for keel, canard, and fins; 1mm for airfoiled forward part of wing (upper and lower); 2mm for rear part of wing and elevons, 3mm for horizontal and upper part of fuselage. it uses a step to increase its stability. 1mm carbon fiber rod reinforcement for canard, fuselage, also for pushrods; uhu por glue.
it could be used for similar receivers and/or bricks.
nice, stable flight under power or glide. there is a video here:
there is a 2nd version that am testing now, with elevator on the canard, and ailerons on the wing-and relocated components for balance without ballast: 63 gr auw. pic at lower right shows the fillets that added later and improve stability.
Posted by phil alvirez | Aug 12, 2011 @ 11:33 AM | 7,863 Views
Snowfox 20 for 6400 brick and similar; 20"ws pusher canard. larger version of the firefox, approximate proportions. 1015 brushless motor with kenway geabox, gws 6/3 prop. it has a step to improve stability. 5mm board foam on wing, canard, fins and keel; 3mm upper and side fuse, 1mm elevons; epp nose; uhu por glue, cf 1mm rods on wing/canard, fuse. 80 gr auw with 1 240 hyperion cell. more details here:
there is a video here:
prototype came a bit heavy due to the need of balast to balance right. am building another with longer nose so it does not need those extra grams. will post here. also will relocate components for same reason.