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Posted by jack charrin | Sep 01, 2019 @ 12:34 AM | 1,100 Views
Want to say hi to everyone in the boat RC model circle and find other like minded groups here inaustin, tx.
My name is jack, have been a boat model afficinado (sp?) for 50 years or more, probably since high school 1957.
I am currently detailing the "Weisel" RC german patrol boat that I have owned since the 1960's purchase in 1965 while stationed in Germany.
I found the kit in the World's best boat and plane model shop, La Source des Inventions in Paris, France.
In the early 90's I had the boat in the water with one large graupner motor driving 3 props through a transmission. Found it was slow and low power to turn in
choppy lakes. So in 1994 was on a trip to France and went to the La Source in Paris where I had purchased the Weisel boat kit. They recommended using 3 Speed 600 motors which are now installed. Hope to find an RC boat club here in austin, tx with whom I can have access to local water sites.
Here is to happy boat RC greetings. jack charrin