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Posted by STRYKA. | Dec 08, 2017 @ 06:35 AM | 2,659 Views
So I decided a few months ago that instead of building another racing quad, I would try and build a fixed wing FPV model (cause i liked the idea of having flight times longer than 3 minutes ). I also quite liked the idea of using Inav as it would give me GPS flight modes and an OSD with a $20 flight controller and a $15 GPS module (waaaaaay cheaper than using an EagleTree Vector or a Pixhawk and a bit more up to date than a APM board).

For the airframe I will be using a Bixler 2 cause its cheap and im familiar with it.

FPV capable
Headtracking for the FPV camera
On Screen Display (OSD)
GPS flight modes e.g. return to home
20 minute+ flight times
Not super huge and expensive

Main Components:
Airframe: Bixler 2 kit (new colour scheme)
Servos: 8 HXT900 9g
ESC: Turnigy Plush 30a
Motor: Turnigy Park 480
Receiver: Frsky X6R
Prop: Hobbyking 8x4
Flight Controller: Omnibus F4
GPS Module: Neo M8N
FPV camera: Foxeer arrow mini v2
Video Transmitter: Fatshark 250mW
Video Transmitter antenna: MenaceRC Raptor Stubby Pagoda RHCP