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presets (0 min 48 sec)

So much easier to wake up when it repositions itself.
Posted by kopterheld | Today @ 01:53 PM | 797 Views
iFlight Protek25 has 1404 motors and is a strong cinewhoop, but it can fly it without the propeller protection, i.e. as a great freestyle quad.
2021-04-10 iFlight Protek25 Freestyle MOD less 250g -
iFlight Protek25 Freestyle MOD unter 250g (4 min 30 sec)

iFlight Protek25 has 1404 motors and is a strong cinewhoop that can even carry a Gopro8. Optimally fits a GoPro8 Lite on it, which can be converted to the Lite version with the iFlight GoPro8 case.
2021-04-10 iFlight Protek25 Cinewhoop with GoPro8 -
iFlight Protek25 Cinewhoop mit GoPro8 (5 min 51 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by jefffassbinder | Today @ 01:41 PM | 843 Views
Stripping down my Kangaroo jet and preparing for a new design paint scheme. It has worn the Hartman scheme for some time but now looking for something more glossy and shiny to look at.

I’m going to use the silver bullet as inspiration.
Posted by djmoose | Today @ 08:13 AM | 1,029 Views
Wing Assembly of the 92" Black Horse Gilmore Red Lion ARF - Wedell-Williams Model 44 - Roscoe Turner (19 min 10 sec)

Let's glue the ailerons with pin hinges, install the servo, measure the pushrod, and run the servo extension in this first build episode of the 92" Gilmore from Black Horse Models and Motion RC!

"Don Young stood at one end of the field. Harry Williams and Roscoe Turner positioned themselves at the opposite end, a distance of one mile. Their stopwatches were synchronized to clock Jimmie's speed. Near the completion of his pass, something went terribly wrong. Aileron flutter or buzz apparently progressed to wing flutter. This caused the left wing to collapse when its guy wires snapped under the stress. The individually operated ailerons, designed by Jimmie, helped him keep the ship from rolling too fast about its own axis. This delayed the inevitable tumbling of the plane and allowed him time to unfasten his seat belt and bail out." - page 32 - Wedell-Williams Air Service
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Complete Walkthrough of the Hitec HFP-30 Servo Programmer (12 min 51 sec)

In depth explanation of the Hitec HFP-30 servo programmer explained and demonstrated for you.

I explain in detail both the servo testing mode and the servo programming mode of the HFP-30 programmer utilizing a Hitec brushless 9831 and one of the newer D-Series D951TW servos. If you're confused on exactly what the sync port does, I'll explain that as well.
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Yep Les Amis,
Que de bonnes nouvelles ce jour là !!! J'ai en test depuis quelques jours le nouveau casque Gaming SANS FIL de chez TRONSMART, le SHADOW. Après l'avoir essayé dans différentes configurations, Yacine et moi sommes tombés d'accord. Une belle qualité de finition, de conception, une utilisation simple et rapide, un rendu correct mais pas assez précis dans toutes les gammes de fréquences mais surtout un prix bas pour un casque de ce type qui propose une connexion wifi ! Compatible avec beaucoup de plateformes, le micro amovible est efficace et semble durable. En bref, on aura du mal à trouver mieux dans cette gamme et à ce tarif là, donc, on ne peut que vous le conseiller pour un budget réduit si vous voulez du "sans fil wifi" ... Prenez soin de vous et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

Tronsmart Shadow Casque Gaming Wifi - Review Test Démo - Gagnez vote Casque sans Fil ! (29 min 1 sec)

NOTATAZ : 16.5/20 Bien pour le prix !

- Casque micro Tronsmart (coupon SHADOW01) :
- Boutique Tronsmart :
- Tronsmart SHADOW (Banggood Vente Flash ):

A ne pas manquer !
Pack DJI FPV COMBO en précommande 1146€ avec ce coupon BGDaViS :
Bonne affaire ( entre 270€ et 310€ ! ) :
- FIMI X8 MINI (Promo précommande coupon BGX8MINI ) :

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Yep Les Amis,
La preuve en image, sous tous les angles ! J'ai en test depuis quelques jours la nouvelle caméra de surveillance indoor de chez IMOU, la RANGER 2C. Une application simple à utiliser mais très complète et une caméra qui propose quelques innovations intéressantes pour le prix. Elle capte les bruits anormaux, les mouvements, les formes humaines et poursuit les rodeurs ! On peut choisir de tout enregistrer sur le Cloud, smartphone ou carte mémoire, simplement être averti ou enregistrer juste les mouvements, en bref, les options proposées sont nombreuses et très efficaces. Un bon investissement soit pour surveiller bébé ou pour garder un oeil sur votre propriété ou magasin en toute simplicité... Prenez soin de vous et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

Ranger 2C IMOU - Review Test Démo - Gagnez votre caméra de surveillance ! (24 min 32 sec)

NOTATAZ : 18.5/20 Efficace !!!

- Site EMOU Life :
- Ranger 2C chez (coupon 20% TAZKILLER2C ) :
- Boutique IMOU sur :

A ne pas manquer !
Pack DJI FPV COMBO en précommande 1146€ avec ce coupon BGDaViS :
Bonne affaire ( entre 270€ et 310€ ! ):
- FIMI X8 MINI (Promo précommande coupon BGX8MINI ) :

- TABLEAU DES PROMOS ET COUPONS BANGGOOD 2021 RC et ACCESSOIRES (remis à jour...Continue Reading
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Lalysee Glider Flying Wing Add Motor Build Log (1 min 25 sec)

Airfoil FAD04
C.G 110mm
Wingspan 700mm
Length 395mm
Height 120mm
Weight 168g
Color yellow & RED & Blue
Motor LD power FR1306 3100KV
Receiver ORX DSMX 2.4G 4ch
Servo DUALSKY AS55 6g x 2
Propeller GF 5030R
Battery 2S 350mAh

Plan Download from:
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I have a former history in RC but I haven't touched it in like 6 years. I tried to get back into it but never had the place... when I was younger I was in high school/didn't have any responsibilities. Lived by a field, I suppose it's all an excuse.

I switched to software, kinda failed in school, I'm an SWE now on paper. Outside of developing web applications I've been trying to get into the embedded space and robotics. Flying/submarines is still a thing that will factor into it at some point.

Just posting some other stuff I'm working on/worked on.

Eventually if my life doesn't implode my plan is to be like a homesteader somewhere but have access to tech still (Starlink/Amazon). The essentials, nevermind food.

I'm working on it.

The robot I designed/made from scratch, it sucked. Not strong enough/dumb. But it was good as far as learning to program multiple servos moving in Arduino. Also did the ESP to Arduino connection. Not really "radio controlled" but WiFi controlled ha.

The other thing is a SLAM attempt as a response/thing I wanted to address from the robot. Then I would adapt it to a smaller 12-servo true quad with a Teensy onboard. It's not in this image but there is an IMU on there. The idea is you take an image (slow processing as it's single core/not optimized) and find things in there/draw bounds around them as a cube in 3D space. The ToF sensors(2 in image eg. "Lidar" and ultrasonic) determine how far away it is. Then using kinematics to track the robot/vehicle's velocity/accel you can tell how far away you are from things/map them in memory/3Dspace. It sounds easy but it's not haha. I'm not a math wiz and the computer vision aspect alone is pretty difficult but it's a fun project, still not finished.
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 08:47 PM | 1,371 Views is having some really good prices right now on some micro planes .

Volantex Sports Cub 500 $70
Eachine Mini F4U $80
E0717 1030mm Wingspan $36

Might be worth a look if you were waiting for a sale .

Here it's windy and a bit wet , really looking forward to trying out the stunt flaps on the Micro Tundra ..
Should be interesting , will it go on it's back ?
Posted by UpNup | Yesterday @ 03:34 PM | 1,598 Views
Lost my Carl Goldberg Electra in a gust. Hit a tree which sheared off the firewall forward. Then it glided into a nearby tree where it jammed into place 45’ up for four days and through one thunderstorm. .

Footballs thrown at it broke the fin/rudder. 50’ of 1 1/4” PVC jabbing at it just made me tired. What worked to bring it down was a golf ball taped to mason string. An underhanded slingshot throw wrapped around the offending limb. A few minutes of yanking on the limb finally brought her down.

She should be good to go in an hour or two. It’s one of the advantages of being a model-maker!
Posted by KristofferR | Yesterday @ 12:04 PM | 1,748 Views
Been a while since I did any RC!

There was no way I could resist the A60.... but I at least waited a while! It looks so fun. I have actually driven the real thing (ok, the slightly lesser but still gigantic A40) which ranks along my most memorable drives.

This build will use Tamiyas own ESC, the TBLE 02 and,, a pair of Savöx servos to get 4WS. More ball bearings are ordered and of course a light kit is a must. The build is typical Tamiya and it is underway with my 11yo kid as a great help - just the way RC should be.
Posted by Vintage.Racer | Yesterday @ 10:07 AM | 1,987 Views
Big "Thank You" to Metal Massager here on RC Groups, offered me a little rough Freewing Eurofighter V2, shipped up from So Cal, I looked at a few pics and decided it wasn't to bad. I had it about a week later, and I have to say, he packed it for shipping with great care. Custom built box, and all parts were well wrapped, just a fantastic job.

One of the issues was a missing canard. I knew he had tried to locate one without success. Took a look at the remaining canard, and knew it could be made from plywood without to much difficulty. I chose 1/4 thickness, to allow for the thickness of the original pivot rod. Plan was to sand them to shape on the leading /trailing edges. After the first one was complete, I made a left also. The plywood was quite a bit thinner that the original foam part. More like the real aircraft.

Did some research on the paint colors, found what I needed easily, and started a few repairs on some hangar rash, and maybe a couple gear up landings.
Posted by ShonanBeachRC | Yesterday @ 10:06 AM | 1,823 Views
My experience with the ZD-Racing MT-8 (Pirates 3) after my first beach bashing!

ZD-Racing MT-8 RTR buy it here!
ZD-Racing MT-8 Without electronics buy it here!

Please visit my website!

#rccars #banggood

SBRC CAST (Ep12): ZD-Racing MT-8 (Pirates 3) Beach Bash Aftermath! (2 min 23 sec)

Posted by ShonanBeachRC | Yesterday @ 08:49 AM | 1,906 Views
In this video I took my ZD-Racing MT-8 (Pirates 3) to the beach and it was fun!! So far I really like this car, loads of fun and fast!

ZD-Racing MT-8 RTR buy it here!
ZD-Racing MT-8 Without electronics buy it here!

Please visit my website!

#rccars #banggood

ZD-Racing MT-8 (Pirates 3) First Beach Bashing! COOL! (3 min 29 sec)

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Flybear FX-820 SU-35 Glider 290mm Wingspan RTF Parkjet - Brushless Conversion Show & Tell Tutorial!

Get One Here: Flybear FX-820 2CH SU-35 Glider 290mm Wingspan EPP RTF

RadioMaster TX16S Multi-Protocol OpenTX Transmitter

Get One Here: RadioMaster TX16S Transmitter

Here is a link to the Video:

Aircraft Setup - Flybear FX-820 SU-35 Brushless Conversion

Banggood GCRC

***Some of the Components I used are no longer available
I think what I have listed are good substitues
Remember to test your Motor & Prop on 2S to get
the Thrust and Amps before buying the RCV/ESC Brick

*Motor: DYS BE1104 5400kv 2S-3S (No longer available)

Flashhobby Arthur Series A1204 1204 5200KV 2-4S Brushlee Motor 1.5mm Shaft

*Prop : Eachine 3020 ABS 2-Blade (No longer available)

iFlight Nazgul T3020 3020 3X2 3 Inch 2-Blade Durable Propeller 2 CW & 2 CCW for Toothpick RC Drone FPV Racing - Transparent Black

AR5202-X Integrated Multifunction 4A brushless ESC Mini Receiver SR3X for DSMX DMS2 FUTABA SFHSS Frsky D8

HobbyKing HK-5320S Ultra-Micro Digital Servo 1.7g

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #GCRC #GFS #ScratchBuildPlanes #FlyBear #FX820 #SU35 #Conversion Best Cheapest

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Ground Control RC™ Glue & Fly™ Series Scratch-Build Planes

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Patrons of the Channel will have Exclusive access to Aircraft Plans & Content!

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Posted by ShonanBeachRC | Yesterday @ 08:30 AM | 1,923 Views
In this video a little update on my Tamiya TNX/TGM-03 Electric Conversion! It's making a slow progress but I will get there eventually!

Please visit my website!

#rccars #banggood

SBRC CAST (Ep11): Tamiya TNX/TGM-03 Electric Conversion Update! (2 min 43 sec)