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Posted by RobDog1983 | Aug 15, 2011 @ 11:15 PM | 4,295 Views
I finally got some pics of my dad's Aeromaster and my Mini Aeromaster together. My dad's Aeromaster has been one of my favorite planes in the hanger and also inspired me to build my Mini Aeromaster. It is hard to believe that this plane is as old as me (28 years old).

I still have not flown the Mini Aeromaster yet. I have not flown in a few months and a little rusty. I have been getting out though and flying lately to knock off the rust. When I do warm up a little I will get a maiden flight on the Mini Aeromaster. It should not take much longer. Thanks for looking

Posted by RobDog1983 | Jan 28, 2011 @ 11:15 PM | 6,095 Views
This is a mini Aeromaster that I finally finished after 2 years of building off and on. I fell in love with Aeromasters from watching my father fly his Aeromaster 22 years ago when I was 6 years old. He still has his Aeromaster today. My dad has many planes from scale to pattern but out of them all I like his baby blue original Lou Andrews Aeromaster the most.My dad runs a OS 91 4-stoke that just sounds sweet. His Aeromaster is hypnotizing.

My dad is the one responsible for getting me into this great hobby. I started flying about 5 years ago and that is when the problem started. The problem is my dad wont let me fly his Aeromaster. After years of begging, the only response I've got is that he'll leave it to me in his will when he dies. So I decided to scratch build my own Aeromaster, but one that fits my flying preferences.

I fly mostly electric airplanes and I like the 400 size airplanes the most. So I built my Aeromaster to be electric and 400 size. I wanted to build the top wing swept and the bottom wing straight. A family friend (R6stead), who is an expert builder and flyer, drew out the plans just by eyeballing my Dad's Aeromaster after I told him the size I wanted. R6stead also built the top wing, cabane , and cool landing gear. This is what we came up with:

Wing span: 30 inches
Weight: 24 oz
Wing loading:
Motor: Rimfire 28-30-950kv pulling about 170 watts
ECU: silver series 25 amp
Battery: hyperion g3 3cell 1100mah...Continue Reading