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Posted by karltrek | Jun 15, 2015 @ 01:19 AM | 12,419 Views
A few people have inquired on the upgrade I did for the retracts on my FMS 1400mm F6F Hellcat.

Unfortunately I did not document or take pictures during the process. I honestly did not think this was going to work out as well as it did. So this is all after the fact.

I posted links to the items I purchased and I did a video showing to final outcome.

First get the new updated FMS Designed Rotating E-Retract Set for 1400mm Corsair. Motion RC or Diamond Hobby carries them. FMS-Retract-004

Remove the pin holding in the strut designed for the Corsair. You will have to partially take the retract apart to remove the retaining pin. It's a press in fit so you need to be able to get good leverage to pull it out. Removing the strut on the old retracts is a similar process.

For the OLEO strut I bought a Hobby King Alloy Oleo Strut Set with Anti-Rotation Link .

The stock spring in the Hobby King OLEO strut are very soft. It will bottom out when used on the Hellcat. I found a set of much stronger springs at my local hardware store. You just need to look for something that will fit in the strut. Most likely it will be too long. Just cut it to fit.

The gear covers are held on using tie straps. I cut off the screw standoffs on the covers. Then I just drilled four holes into the covers at the appropriate location. The OLEO's have ridges where the tie straps cross over. These...Continue Reading
Posted by karltrek | Feb 07, 2014 @ 04:23 PM | 15,514 Views
I thought I would create a blog post on how to reverse the shaft on a NTM Prop Drive brushless motor. Using my Mobius ActionCam I created a video of how to do it. It's very simple.

Tools you will need:
Hammer, 5mm Pin-Punch, Tiny pliers, 5mm collar. Dremel with grinding bit.

1. Get a piece of wood (I used a 4x4 block) and drill a hole larger than the shaft.
2. Unscrew the two 2mm grub screws that lock the shaft to the motor can.
3. Remove the retaining c-clip and also a washer next to it.
4. Pull the motor apart.
5. Position the can with the shaft down the hole on the block of wood.
6. Take a 5mm Pin-Punch and hammer the shaft into the hole.
7. You need to make a new flat spot on the shaft for the new grub screw position. And one on the end for a new 5mm collar that replaces the retaining c-clip. Measure where the new grub screw position will be on the shaft and mark with a sharpie. Use a Dremel with a grinding bit to make the new flat spots.
8. Position the shaft so that the new flat spot is aligned with the grub screw hole and hammer it back in. Leave enough space on the end for the new 5mm collar.
9. Done

Here is my how to video.

How to reverse the shaft on a brushless motor. NTM 42-38 (12 min 56 sec)