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Hi guys!

Whats up?

Been a long time coming and I finally got a used one in German Captured Clothing.

Hey, as the saying goes, beggars can't be choosy!
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Here are flights #5 and #6 on the airframe. Getting all the kinks worked out. Sorry for the "boring" flights but I like to break them in nice and slow.

2 Quick flights and landings - Black Horse Gilmore 92" 60cc ARF - Electric - Dualsky GA6000 on 12S (7 min 37 sec)

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Hi guys!

Just came across this model at my RC Club and was able to maiden it with very good results.

It is heavy for sure with 12-Cells behind it. Wow!

Here's the Video:

Super Viper RC EDF Jet over Moon Port Modelers RC Club 10-15-2021 (3 min 7 sec)

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Hello, my name is Necati, I have been dealing with Rc vehicles for 5 years. In recent years, I have been interested in the production of jet engines and spare parts and I opened a new shop for it. From now on, there will be jet engine spare parts production and on-demand accessory parts sales in my shop. These products include lubrication unit, bearings, turbines and everything else. Don't forget to follow us on social media.
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I can tell you that parts for these Park Zone (Horizon) RC Warbird models are getting really hard to get.

I was lucky, however, back in September, I was able to purchase via our Classifieds the landing gear set which included the Strut Covers as my model lost one.

I am so glad that I found this sale and quickly acted on it as now my Spitfire has both Strut Covers again!

If anyone has any parts PLEASE let me know!
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Got the ailerons and elevator mounted and hinged....And she balances right where she is supposed to figure out color
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Here are the XPS Pics of the edf unit i have
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We got hit on Sunday and 2 more came to town on Tuesday.

Storm Damage in Anadarko Oklahoma (1 min 33 sec)

Before it was over there were 1900 houses without power. We lost power when it first hit on Sunday, we got power back on Tuesday.

Anadarko power outage (1 min 40 sec)
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Have had this Great Planes DR-1 since sometime around 2005. Has had many many flights and its body shows it. The Monokote is patch up with Monokote and USPS tape in many places.

The DR-1 still flies and does it very well. As a matter of fact this model does the most insane spins I have ever seen . I will start spinning it at an altitude of 300' and breakout of the spin at around 50'. The 250' spin treck takes around 10 - 15 seconds. The spin rate is awesome at about a revolution every half to 3/4 of a second. The angle very shallow, almost a flat spin.

The DR-1 is powered by a Saito 90 4 stroke with a 14X8 prop. It has a very nice sound to it and it idles at very low revolutions.

The Dr-1 is not an easy plane to fly thou. You have to be on top of it all thru the flight. It dislikes crosswinds and will track perfectly with wind not been more 25 degrees of the runway center. Surprisingly it is usually docile at landings even with its very narrow landing gear.

Just flew it last Wednesday 10/13/21 after a layover of around 2 years. Did have to work on the engine to loosen the throtte barrel that sticks with the old gummy castor oil. Otherwise, it started on the 1st try, adjusted high speed needle and idled perfectly.

Will do a restorer in the future not using monokote but silk span and sanding sealer. This will make look more real and high don't particulary like ironong on materials specially Monokote.

Will post once I start the restoration.
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This year we had three clubs participating in the Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon with Paulding County Model Aviation Club "again" hosting the event and joined by Bartow County Model Aviation and the North Georgia Sky Rebels.......
We had 4 rings, 3 hours and 11 Pilots to record 378 flights for the 2021 14th Annual Worldwide Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon!

Our group came in 6th world wide, pretty!!
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Was given a dynaflite 50" SE5A to restore. Lower wing is missing. Trying to find the plans to reconstruct. Any help greatly appreciated.
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Ah yes...October! Cooler weather, turning leaves, crisp air, and sunny skies! Yea right!

Well I finally made it out. It only took 3 weekends for some decent weather. Last weekend, rain. The previous two, hot as hell and windy. But today...72 degrees, light winds, clear skies, and a bit humid. It's been raining the last 3 days, with more to come.

Goblin Raw

This heli is unbelievable, it just flies! It's a beast, soild as a rock. However today, I noticed I need more collective pitch! I'm not much of an electric flier, nitro and gas mainly. Today I noticed, while doing some Tic-Toc's, I need more collective pitch. As it is right now, +/-12 degrees. Maybe I should bump that up to 13/14 degrees? Someone want to chime in?

I flew all 4 packs working some big air stuff, traveling maneuvers, and close up stationary 3D maneuvers. I can also tell I need some more agility percentage. And possibly increase the head speed some. The heli seems to be getting slow to me...Am I getting used to this heli?

As it is, it is a joy to fly, even though I almost packed it in inverted. I was doing some traveling flips, and lost orientation with the collective. I was able to recover with 20 feet to spare, but this is the first time in a long time I did this. To recover, I repeated the maneuver again, perfect. Don't know what I was thinking at the time. Nothing like getting the heart rate elevated some. I started thinking about the replacement parts I would need to buy...not this time!
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P-RIX is short for my scratch-built design Pterosauris RIX, shown in the attached pictures. It has a 9 ft. wingspan, Eflite-10 motor, and no vertical fin. It has elevator, aileron and throttle control.

For the purpose of the quiz question, "flown successfully" means that under radio control by the pilot, it has climbed in the air under its own power, was able to go up/down, turn left/right and has landed "without being wrecked," as the Wright brothers once wrote.

So the Quiz Question is, has Pterosauris RIX ever been flown successfully?
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Took out this large lady of the sky! Had my way with it and flew three (3) wonderful flights!

Leopard RC Motors (LC5065-520Kv) are great as it is powering my large Great Planes RV-4 of 70-inch wing span and tipping the digital scales at 12-lbs. Commutation is done by the Hobby Wing 80-AMP ESC (BEC Disabled) and an external Castle Creations BEC PRO (20-AMP) is used for power to the Receiver (Spektrum AR8000 + SAT). Using just 5-Cells, 5,000mAH, 45C, Lithium Polymer by GENS ACE does a great job on this Glow-to-Electric conversion Project.

Great Planes RV 4 70 inch wing span Glow to Electric Conversion 10-13-2021 (4 min 31 sec)

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Our Bill at my RC Club finally had his maiden flight of his Freewing Al37 in the American Airlines scheme (Custom Paint and Calli Graphics).

We had a few assisting him and the model flew without the benefit of any Gyro or assist from the Stock Electronics as we visited all four (4) Youtube Videos while we were at the RC Club field and could NOT get his Gyro to work so, we flew it without and it performed very well.

However, the Instructor Pilot at the third (3rd) flight reported some very unnerving (unexpected) turns from the model (unsolicited) and he quickly landed without any further issues, thankfully.

The plan going forward is Bill will remove all STOCK Electronic Gear from his Jet and place his well known brand.
Freewing AL37 Airliner Twin 70mm EDF 10-13-2021 (4 min 3 sec)

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For its maiden flight. Purchased this six? years ago needing only receiver and flight battery and it only needs a range test and stickers with the appropriate numbers to be ready to tumble. The good news is the staircase pad is done and I am making a (thin) template to cut out the risers and runners, approx. 20 inches for the latter and 6.8" for the risers. Once satisfied I will copy the template to 3 one and seven eighths thick by twelve inch by 200 inch long red oak boards that I will saw up with the mill. Will get help moving and hoisting the stringers. Meanwhile got to scrounge up staircase posts and rails and balisters from already milled oak and maple posts and planks.
The pad weighs about 2000 lbs. based on the 27 sixty pounds bags I transported from home supply store in my 97' ranger, actually purchased thirty, plus many pails of cleaned stones and concrete rubble I had gathered up.
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Got the wing assembled and the servos mounted..will build the control surfaces today....sewn hinges

And I got most of the fuse done..had to surface mount the rudder servo....not enough room inside the fuselage.....oh well....The cowling is the bottom of a Hug Fruit Juice Barrel......the only glider on the planet with a radial engine.LMAO
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Ran into this issue with Shark Byte RX 5.1 receiver and TX5S.1 with Runcam Nano HD camera.

I got a pixelated image from the camera. LED on the board was solid blue, and solid red. Documentation said if blue LED is not lit then there’s a camera connection problem, but mine was fine. And the Shark Byte receiver was picking up transmission and switching to it, so the transmission itself was not the problem. I discovered that it was just a firmware update necessary; but there won't be any indicator of a firmware mismatch issue otherwise so hopefully if you're pulling your hair out thinking maybe the connector isn't seated right, or the board is defective, fear not, it's probably just simple firmware! I walk through the shark byte firmware update process

Update Shark Byte Firmware; Fix Shark Byte Pixelated FPV Video Camera Issue (5 min 11 sec)