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Posted by christ714 | Yesterday @ 09:12 PM | 139 Views
I have officially completed my first build, and I am so excited. My soldering is not the best but they are strong connections and no smoke when I plugged in the battery,LOL!!!
Posted by tjd10684 | Yesterday @ 08:57 PM | 164 Views
My latest micro quad creation the Bitsy 2000. Its running 2" props on 1105 8500kv motors. 12a racerstar esc omnibus f3 fc. foxeer micro arrow, eachine vtx03.
Posted by Calcifer | Yesterday @ 07:24 PM | 188 Views
was having issues with women...

I got to the lawyers door....


and ran...

I wonder why?
Posted by wamsy55 | Yesterday @ 07:02 PM | 207 Views
Posted by charles hidalgo | Yesterday @ 06:40 PM | 230 Views
Astro x5 frame
Lumenier f4 FC
Astro pdb
Aikon 30a 6s ESCs w/esc protectors
Hyperlite 2307 2522 kv motors
Lumenier 650 tvl camera with wide angle lens
Rotor riot skids
Forever ant holders
Pyro 200mw VTX
Triumph ant
Spek diversity rx
GoPro Session mount
Posted by SteelRainSpo | Yesterday @ 05:59 PM | 235 Views

Emax Lite Spec Quick Look & Overview (8 min 50 sec)

Check out my first look and part 1 YouTube video mini review of the new Emax 2207 2550kv Lite Spec motor. I this video I discuss this motors technical and physical specifications, and I tear down the motor for a closer look at what it has to offer.
Posted by NoobRc | Yesterday @ 05:12 PM | 266 Views
It was under perfect field conditions that i crashed my gas Slick 74 that i had come to love so much. Lost orientation about 30 feet right in front of me and with the plane hovering 20 feet above the runway.

I spent a few weeks pushing my skills with 60 electrics and then decided to build an Electric version of the Slick 74. Why electric? Winter is coming - i feel more comfortable getting an electric plane rather than a gas plane on skis.

Kit arrived this past Thursday. I had originally planned to build it over a few weeks but this Noob can only stare at a kit for so long! So i built it in a day and half but took my time to really figure out the nuances of the bigger electrics, since this is my first electric bigger than EF 60.

Here are the build pics with some notes. I will add some final pics after the maiden on Tuesday Oct 17 (hopefully). The idea with these pics is to make it easy for another Noob to understand what could be done.

Super simple build:

XPWR 30 motor
Castle Edge HV 80A ESC
Castle BEC Pro
Jeti MUI 75 telemetry (flight pack V, A, and MAH consumed)
Jeti R7 Plus receiver
MKS 1220 servos
EF Servo arms and servo extension
EF CF spinner
EF Blazing Star Long stand off
Taildragger RC tail wheel
Scorpion battery straps
- No switches, satellites, or other batts.

I did make sure to upgrade the firmware on all the electronics just to be safe. It is also easy and recommended to set up the ESC with the Castle Link vs. via radio...Continue Reading
Posted by 1nspectorGadget | Yesterday @ 04:44 PM | 254 Views
Virhuck 1/32 Scale 2WD Mini RC Truck Review (18 min 4 sec)

This little 2WD mini RC truck is a lot of fun. I didn't really know what to expect out of it because of the $20 price tag, but it's actually a solid remote control truck. I've been pretty rough with it crashing into walls and stuff on the deck and garage and it has held up well. The one thing that I don't like is the little rubber grommets that keep the truck body affixed come off when you crash. They're so small so once I ran the truck outside and crashed, I lost them. Not a huge deal, but I'll have to put some putty or glue there to keep the body on now.
Posted by A Useless Geek | Yesterday @ 02:08 PM | 341 Views
Okay, I know I've fallen down on the job of keeping up this blog. I got a "life" (such as it is) to deal with, you know. Anyway, the next evolution of the Parkstar looks like this: welcome to the Parkstar Advanced.
Posted by JSS4 | Yesterday @ 12:53 PM | 375 Views
Miniature world being built has a small pop-up location in Toronto as part of their investor campaign #beapartofsomethingsmall

If you are in the Toronto area check it out at 545 Queen St West, well worth the trip I was there last week and took this video

Our Home and Miniature Land's Pop-up location! #beapartofsomethingsmall (0 min 37 sec)

Posted by smoothvirus | Yesterday @ 11:09 AM | 671 Views
I watched Matthew Ogbourne's videos on the new Sonicmodell F1 Wing and decided to order one. I'd like to do some more low level high speed flying and I'll need a tough EPP plane for that kind of mission. The EPP in the F1 Wing is supposed to be the toughest a lot of FPV pilots have ever seen.

Parts List:

Sonicmodell F1 Wing 833mm Wingspan Super High Speed FPV EPP Racing Wing RC Airplane PNP


Compare to:
Posted by archerfpv | Yesterday @ 11:02 AM | 666 Views
My piggy tail came in the other day, got it installed and works great. Only issue now is my camera (eachine 1000tvl) it white out in the sun. Ugh.
Posted by Boss FPV | Yesterday @ 03:57 AM | 927 Views
Language warning on the music with this one
Liberate my madness (2 min 24 sec)

Posted by Fastgixxerlv | Yesterday @ 03:52 AM | 936 Views
Here’s the build so far.
Betaflight F3
Matek VTX
TBS Micro RX
2-6s Spedex 30a ESCs
Runcam mini Swift FPV camera.
Going to test 2507 1500kv with 7-8 inch props as well as 2514 1500kv which are much heavier motors but can handle higher voltages.
Posted by spykez | Yesterday @ 03:45 AM | 928 Views
The Wind That Shakes The Barley (FULL MOVIE) (2 hr 7 min 18 sec)

Don't know how long it'll last, lads.
Posted by spykez | Yesterday @ 03:36 AM | 954 Views
The Salt Doll and the Sea

Once upon a time, after a long journey over mountain and valley, a Salt Doll reached the sea-shore. She was struck at that vast expanse of water. She had never seen the sea before. It was so large, so charming! She felt irresistibly attracted towards it. She stood on the shore, so firm and assured. The sea in front of her looked so vast, so immense, so inviting, so peaceful! She wanted by all means to know what the sea was.

Timidly, the Doll came closer to the sea and with a touch of curiosity asked the sea: Who are you?" And the sea replied: "I am the sea." The Doll remarked: "Well, you only told me your name. I want to know more about you. I want and long to experience who you are! Show me more about yourself'."

The sea, mysteriously, answered: "I am just what I am. I am the sea." In perplexity, the Doll inquired: "I cannot figure out what you say you are. Yet, I want to know more about you. Shall I be ever to understand who you are?

The sea replied: You will never come to know who I am, unless you come closer to me, unless you touch me. ... "If you really long to know who I am, please, come forward and allow me touch you!."

The Doll came forward and fearfully touched the sea with one of her feet. Immediately, she experienced a very strange, but beautiful a feeling.... Something glorious she could not understand! . Then, she tried to move her foot away from the water, but her foot...Continue Reading