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Posted by ChilternFlyer | Feb 10, 2013 @ 08:55 AM | 7,768 Views
Now shipping...
I have to make a better video than this but hopefully you'll get the idea.

The current version has the following features:-
  • Clamshell design - the KK2 board is completely enclosed
  • LCD is protected by a window and held in place so it can't flip out in a crash.
  • The box can be surface mounted with servo tape or bolted on to 45mm chassis mounts.
  • The buzzer is integrated into the case.
  • 20mm deep case means that the servo leads are protected in a crash.
  • Front panel mounted buttons.
  • Only weighs 15G

Available in Black or White.

The case costs 8.
Paypal accept but please be nice and sent it as a gift otherwise I'll have to put the prices up to cover the fees (I'm a private individual not a business, I think these cases are great and I'm trying to give you guys the best price I can).
I'm only charging what it costs me for shipping.

UK only (shipped first class recorded):-
10 for 1
or 18 for 2
or 25 for 3

International (tracked and insured):-
$27 for 1
or $40 for 2
or $50 for 3

International (NO tracking and NOT insured. If you choose this option I will NOT be responsible for anything lost or damaged in the post.):-
$20 for 1
or $33 for 2
or $43 for 3

If you are on the other side of the pond, you might want to club together and save on postage (I'm sounding like HK's shopping cart now )

PM me if you want one some!

KK2 Box - the ramblings of a mad man. (6 min 47 sec)