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Posted by Rcbyair | Aug 04, 2014 @ 08:58 PM | 27,637 Views
Today was the maiden.

Most Relaxing Model Aircraft I personally have ever flown.
This one flys itself!

Amazing that I never even needed one click of trim anywhere on this Girl.

Besides a few scratches and dents, out of the box , every single part was there and this build went extremely well. I won't place any blame for the damage on the manufacturer as many folks do. Some curious folks like to open boxes to take a look at a product before they decide on a purchase. I do all the time with permission. The problem is that some folks are not as good at repacking the parts properly, the plane is shipped again in this manor and that's how the damage gets done.

Besides the soft metal screws that are used for the struts, gear and floats, the quality is astounding.

I got the inspiration for the RCAF scheme online. It is not my creation, never the less, I fell in love with these colors cause, to me, they help define the word BUSHPLANE! Don't know what it is, but I am so drawn to this shade of yellow.

Some time into the future, I will purchase another one. Then I will have one with gear and one with floats.

That shows you how much I appreciate this Beaver.

Great Job Flyzone!

Repainted Flyzone DHC-2 Dehavilland Beaver (2 min 21 sec)
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Posted by Rcbyair | Jun 13, 2014 @ 08:53 AM | 26,522 Views
Hello Y'all,

So after a long winter we finally got a chance of having a whole Saturday to fly a good number of planes.

My two flying buddies Dave and Joe were there. Daveís highlight of the day was flying his A-1 Skyraider and his F-16 EDF Jet. Joe flew his two mosquitoes and his gorgeous Sea Vixen. My highlight of the day was flying my B-17 Memphis Belle after not flying her for a year and a half. I attempted to fly my Lancaster but had to cancel due to electronic issues .

What a day! It was an rc aircraft buffet of all you can fly.
We flew till the sunset and made up for that long and cold Canadian winter .

Take care and happy safe flying everyone,


RC AIRSHOW (4 min 6 sec)

Posted by Rcbyair | Dec 26, 2013 @ 09:54 AM | 27,004 Views
Hi Everyone,

After the Ice Storm in Southern Ontario which put almost a half million in the dark including us, I decided to take my cameras and capture some photos.

I thought I'd focus on the bright side and take stills of nature covered in ice. If you would also like to see the devastating side of this Ice Storm, there's plenty to take in online.

At the time of posting this blog, tens of thousands remain in the cold and dark, many forced to stay in warming centers. My heart goes out to them.


Ice Storm 2013 (3 min 53 sec)

Learn about Ice Storms here:

Posted by Rcbyair | Nov 10, 2013 @ 01:46 PM | 27,140 Views
Got me a new Birthday Present and a new Thread.

Posted by Rcbyair | Oct 12, 2013 @ 12:10 PM | 27,437 Views
I hope you all enjoy my Part 2 of my, all too brief, visit to this most amazing museum.

Washington Air and Space Museum Part 2, Rotary Machines (2 min 45 sec)

Posted by Rcbyair | Jul 20, 2013 @ 09:40 PM | 28,260 Views
By happenstance we had to spend a few days in Suffolk Va to say goodbye to a very old and dear friend called Tito Romy. He was the kindest soul that I knew in my life.
With my wife and daughter tending to Tito, my son and I took a drive to Washington DC. There we would have a rare opportunity to see one of the most famous Air and Space Museums in the world, the Smithsonian.
Unfortunately the drive from Suffolk ate up most of the day and by the time we arrived in DC we only had a couple hours to visit the museum. All I could do in the short time we had, was snap picture after picture till we had to make the drive back to Suffolk. It was unfortunate to not have the opportunity to read all the information plaques to the exhibits. I didn't care, i'd do it again in a heartbeat.
It was a great trip to Virginia where we got to say good buy and have a final laugh with a beautiful friend before he passed. And along with his memory, I am forever thankful to him for allowing my son and I to visit an American Museum that I will never forget.

This Video is dedicated to Tito Romy, we love and miss you Tito

Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum (4 min 47 sec)

Posted by Rcbyair | Feb 02, 2013 @ 01:32 PM | 28,865 Views
Hi everyone,

This Blog begins with a PM I sent to a fellow Cub Lover and his reply to me.

Since the painting of my Project Supercub was quite an involved process, I figured it was worthy of a new blog in itself.


Re: Hi Fellow Supercub Lover

Originally Posted by Rcbyair
Hi There,

I just went though your Blog Page (https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/member.php?u=386695 ) and saw your Project Cub. I love it! I tried to give it a great comment but it said it was too old and wouldn't let me I wish they wouldn't do that! People like to read Blogs no matter how old they are.
Anyway I would love to see your cub all finished. It's like your missing PART 2 here. And now we're left hanging. Did you finish her off? Have you maidened her yet?
Would it be possible for you to blog in a part 2?

Take care,


Re: Hi Fellow Supercub Lover
Originally Posted by Supercublpflyer

Hi, thanks for the interest in my cub project, have watched yours and absolutely love the lights and color scheme, I maiden last may/ June and totally crashed it due to a bad servo in my elevator. I actually just rebuilt the cub after a few seconds and plan to maiden the fixed cub in this week. Wondering how you painted your cub and how you got it so clean! Ill try to finish the blog once I do the maiden

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Posted by Rcbyair | Jan 27, 2013 @ 09:49 PM | 28,673 Views
Hey You,

Check out an idea I borowed from my past. Since we used to smear candle wax on our tabogans, I thought I'd give it a shot on my Optional Hobbyzone Floats for use in SNOW.

Man was I impressed with the results.
I'm gonna say they work better on snow than water!
There, I said it.

The only difference here is that I stole the candle from my wife instead of my Mom.

Oh, and in this Blog, you'll finally get a good shot of RCbyAir. He's a little less camera shy.

Winter Cub Fun (6 min 24 sec)

Posted by Rcbyair | Jan 12, 2013 @ 10:29 PM | 29,511 Views
Three years ago I asked a dude in my Local Hobby Shop what would be a good 4 channel trainer. He pointed at a Parkzone T-28 Trojan and said ďThat one right there.Ē And thatís when my love affair with the Trojans began. Now I have three of them that I use as my flight trainers for practicing landings, aerobatics and formation flying.

I bought the white red and black navy one used for $100.00 from E-bay and painted it yellow using Krylon Fusion spray paint for plastic from Home Depot. It did a fantastic job and Iím so happy with the results.

I did a lot to reinforcing with the wing mounting system, installed a new steering spindle for the front gear (that thing was not easy to replace). Also replaced the prop shaft and did a lot of preventative maintenance.

I ordered an $8.00 led light kit from HobbyKing and installed them complete with lense covers that I got from dollar store blister packaging. I also got two extra, one green and one red, LEDs which I installed inside the cockpit to point at the instrument panel.

This Trojan looks very nice now and I am so happy with it. I couldnít resist snapping a few shots of her so I could show you guys.

Hope you like them.
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Posted by Rcbyair | Dec 01, 2012 @ 01:48 PM | 29,121 Views
Wishing a new pilot luck.

Well three weeks ago we loaded up the family car and hit the highway to Laval Quebec. We were off to a big family reunion/dinner dedicated to the recent, overseas, marriage of my awesome cousin and his beautiful bride.

My mother’s side of the family is all French Canadian Folk from Quebec, and let me tell you that these folks live life to its fullest and sure know how to have a great time! I met several relatives that I had not seen or had contact with in over 25 years, some even more.

In speaking with a husband of one of these long not seen relatives, the topic of RC Flying came up. I noticed that their 12 year old boy who was sitting next to me, all of a sudden, became extremely interested in the conversation and before I knew it, he was chiming in with all the RC talk.

He explained in great detail that his dream in the coming years was to, somehow, search for a door that he could open and step into the world of RC Flight. I said “My young friend, you have finally found the door you’ve been looking for” We talked on for another couple hours and I showed him my YouTube vids, my airplane pictures and even showed him my Blog Page here on RCGroups.

I could tell that he was very inspired and before I got too happy on the red wine and cognac, I told him to be sure to email me his full address so that I could send him his first RC Airplane. I spent the rest of the evening carrying on like a drunken sailor hootin...Continue Reading
Posted by Rcbyair | Nov 22, 2012 @ 08:41 PM | 29,735 Views
Took my Silver Parkzone T-28 Trojan up for few Sorties the other day and had a very hard landing while practicing cross wind landings. The near crash landing was hard enough to dis-engage my nose wheel clevis.

Just to check things out a little better, I decided to remove the prop, cowl and motor mount in order to check out the tightness of the four screws that hold the motor to the motor mount.

After removing the front parts I discovered that the four screws were fine. It was what I didn't expect to find that shocked the heck out of me.

In the pictures below it's obvious that the Red Positive Wire to the ESC had been rubbing against the spinning black collar that secures the Prop Shaft to the center of the motor. It was only a matter of time before it caused a major short circuit and, in turn, a major catastrophic engine, ESC and receiver mid air burnout.

I also noticed that the prop shaft had worked itself loose after more than 100 flights on this bird. That was an easy fix by loosening the black colar and sliding it snugly against the Prop Shaft Bearing. Now there is no play when I push and pull on the Prop Shaft.

I did a great job repairing everything and ensuring that I never make the mistake of having wires clear of any moving parts.

I would love to hear about an RC Aircraft you saved due to preventative maintenance. Feel free to share your stories with us....Continue Reading
Posted by Rcbyair | Nov 08, 2012 @ 11:03 PM | 29,984 Views
Took stock of my RC beginnings the other day.

With the departure of summer 2012, arrives the end of my third flying season. I donít choose to fly in the winter so my season, being in Canada, lasts no longer than six to seven months.

I was thinking back the other day, back to the beginnings of my first few baby steps into the Hobby. A big grin immediately took over my face as I thought about what I had went through while attempting my first few flights.

Summer 2009, I bought a sweet looking Parkzone Citabria RTF, for $200.00 with some accessories. The only experience I had up to this point was flying a two channel Air hogs biplane. I still have it to this day and save it as a keepsake to look back upon.

I charged the Citabria battery than proudly carried it to the school across the street. Knees shaking beyond belief, I gave it a nice toss into the wind. As I struggled with the radio for control, I watched in horror as the Citabria nosed downward left and thunked hard into the ground.

New fuselage, propeller, engine and engine mount. I was, once again, clear for take off!! Let me tell you, I wasnít so cocky and proud carrying it across to the school this time. There was an added element of suspense with the second go at it. It now felt more like a mission as opposed to an adventure.

My knees were shaking worse than before. I threw it into the wind and this time it was beyond the horror of the first maiden. The Citabria repeated the hard, downward left...Continue Reading
Posted by Rcbyair | Nov 04, 2012 @ 09:13 AM | 29,487 Views
Hey Guys and Gals,

Last summer I was asked by a good friend that since I was going to an air show in Hamilton Ontario, could I take some photos of a particular Bomber on the show list.

Since I had Sunday morning Ramp Passes, my son and I got up extra early to take advantage of viewing the Warbirds lined up majestically side by side in two giant rows along each side of an unused runway.

What an amazing opportunity! To photograph, at will, all these flying historical monuments, I'll never forget it. Now I'm really hooked on air shows.

I told my friend that I would give him a CD with all his bomber photos that I took for him. He replied "Instead just upload them to DROPBOX and you could share them with the world" I thought it was a great idea and left it at that.

Like all things hobby, my spare time is limited but nevertheless, I finally got around to it. All the photos are taken by me with a professional camera and belong to me and now to you. I hope that you enjoy them and use them for detailing your favorite models. As time passes I will add more and more photos of different airplanes till my complimentary 2 GB DROPBOX account becomes full.

11/04/12 B-29 FIFI

Posted by Rcbyair | Jul 26, 2012 @ 06:15 PM | 30,212 Views
A while back I smashed my head against many things as I learned the basics of Video Editing. I still somewhat suck at it bud I did manage to get a few basics down. Anyway here they are, my YouTube Vids.

2011 Geneseo Air Show (9 min 54 sec)

Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum (4 min 47 sec)
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Posted by Rcbyair | Jul 21, 2012 @ 02:10 PM | 30,322 Views
Well, since I started this Worlds Best Hobby thing, only three years ago, I have collected a good few models. I mostly love the Warbirds, WW1 and WW2 and for the non Warbirds, I adore the Piper Cubs.

Now I think about it, and I realize that I like attending Air Shows too. I've had quite voracious appetite for them since being at the 2011 Air show in Geneseo NY. And more recently the 2012 Hamilton Air Show.

I was so captivated by these two mind blowing air shows that I was even inspired to buy two models as a direct result. One being the Hobby king Memphis Belle B-17 and the other, the Banana Hobby Folding Wing F-4U Corsair. (See them below)

Now onto some air show pics starting with the Memphis Belle B-17. This was the B-17 that they used to shoot a Memphis Belle movie. (I'll try to remember finding the movie and posting it's name later) It was indeed a big priviledge for me to climb aboard this Beauty and snap away as blistering hot as it was inside there. I say this honestly, I was in complete awe, clumsily climbing about the Flying Fortress carrying my photo equipment while taking a great many photos. I plan on using them as reference when I decide to do up my B-17, I hope you all enjoy them....Continue Reading
Posted by Rcbyair | Jul 09, 2012 @ 07:00 PM | 31,392 Views
Before I begin with my First Blog, I would like to thank RC Groups and all of you for welcoming me into your wonderful world of Sharing. I have enjoyed this Website for a couple years now and it's time to make that known.
I have had my first few baby steps into this hobby now and I have to say, it sure has helped keep a Country Boy like me( living in the city) busy and minimizing my longing for the Country Life.

I have noticed that I get a few visitors who stop in here at my blog. In saying this, I always felt a little guilty for not having any blogs for them check out. Maybe this bloging thing can be a way for me to give back at least a little bit.


I'm pretty stoked about my new build.

This is the second attempt for this J-3 Supercub. The first one, a three month project accumulated with spare time, suffered a fatal crash upon its maiden. Crashed because I bought a receiver with low range. I didn't didn't know it was low range and my LHS didn't volunteer the info. To this day I only blame myself because I did not research enough plus, silly me, I forgot to carry out a range test.

Oh well live and learn. All part of the Hobby

In the mean time, I was determined to have this plane so I bought the nessecary parts all over again and started over.

You see three years ago when I first learned about all this RC heavenly stuff, I came across a YouTube site called necubflyer.
This guy's work on his HobbyZone SuperCubs was my inspiration for making one of...Continue Reading