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Posted by Atflying | May 01, 2012 @ 09:37 AM | 5,520 Views
Wingspan: 1720MM/67.7inch
Length: 1230MM/48.5inch
Wing Area: 36dm/3.9ft2 (Mainwing Area)
Motor: Brushless motor M2220 Kv1350 or M2815 KV1280

ESC: 40A for M2220 or 60A for M2815

Servo: 3pcs 17g servo+ 1pcs 9g servo.

Battery: Li-Po 11.1V 2400 mAh for M2220 and 5000mAh for M2815
ARF Weight: 0.98kg/34.6oz.ARF is the weight including almost ready to fly, not including battery and your extra FPV devices

Static Thrust: Motor M2220 1.5Kg/53.0oz.

Motor M2815 1.95kg/69oz,

Max.flight weight more than 2.2kg/77.0oz

Payload: 600-1000G/21.5-35.5oz (Payload is the extra weight it can carry besides the standard ARF weight)
Material: EPO Wing and fuselage/ Wooden rib reinforcement/ aluminum alloy Pipe/Carbon Fiber pipe

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