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Posted by mike_kelly | Apr 16, 2019 @ 07:32 PM | 6,715 Views
I am relieved to find that with the gimbal attached the Son of FrankenSolo flies just as well as without the gimbal. I am disappointed to find that the logs once again not available. So I can't compare the power usage and determine if it is within the "C" limits of the battery. I am pretty confident that it will be fine but I am not going to do a flight time test until I know for sure. I am not willing to let the battery fail half way through the test.

I started out on this journey in 2012. I knew nothing about RC and RCGroups.com was pretty intimidating. I could not believe how many forums about so many different RC vehicles there were. I wanted to do an abstract photography portfolio that I needed an aerial view to do. I got a delta wing kite kit that was and is a very nice plaform but I needed to hover rather than fly to get what I wanted. I gave up until I saw an article about the new DJI Phantom in late 2013. I got excited about it like everyone and his brother. Until I realized it could only carry a gopro. But that was the beginning. I built my first DJ450 afterward. The first flight it shot up about 40ft and came tumbling down out of the trees out of control. It took me a full 4 months to figure out that the pitch in mission planner radio cal moved the opposite of every other stick if setup correctly. I built a dozen more aircraft over the years. I have a drawer full of half finished gimbals.

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Posted by mike_kelly | Apr 15, 2019 @ 06:47 PM | 6,431 Views
I finally got the logging issue taken care of for SOFS. IN the latest versions of Copter firmware there is a new Log_Backend parameter. Because the Solo has a co-computer it can, and defaults to, copying the logs to both the flight controller and the co-computer which does not appear to work right. So I changed the parameter to 1 which uses only the flight controller as normal.

I was really pleased with the vibration charts but it is not surprising given how well the quad flew in it's maiden flight. In the old graph of vibrations acceptable is -3 to +3 for the X and Y axis and -5 to -15 for the Z axis. SOFS is recording values for X and Y of less than .3 to .5 and Z axis vibes just as low. I included the barometer graph right below to show it really was flying during the vibration plot.

I was concerned, and still am, about the battery. It is a 10.5amp Titan LI-ION battery. It has much higher energy density than a equivalent LI-PO but it is limited in it's discharge rate. Think real low C, like 3C. But the battery power graph looks good. It shows about 360w and around 16amps. But this is without the load of the gimbal. So I will have to see how it does on the first gimbal flight.

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Posted by mike_kelly | Apr 08, 2019 @ 08:36 PM | 7,844 Views
I got a chance to maiden the Son of FrankenSolo in between rain storms this afternoon. Yes OlliW I removed the gimbal

All I can say is WOW. It was so smooth with no tuning at all. Very precise control. No jumping around. Unfortunately I had a "Bad Logging" problem which looks like an on-going problem with Arducopter. I turned down the logging and the log buffer and the IO heartbeat and BAD logging errors are gone. But I will have to do my basic test again to get logs to check the vibs and battery usage trends. I can't wait to take it up with the gimbal.

Son of FrankenSolo project (0 min 55 sec)

Posted by mike_kelly | Apr 07, 2019 @ 09:23 AM | 8,368 Views
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Posted by mike_kelly | Apr 02, 2019 @ 02:21 PM | 8,924 Views

All good things come to and end and so it is with the Son of FrankenSolo. What a fun project.

I built a gimbal for this project using OlliW's STorM32NT gimbal controller. OlliW has provided excellent compatibility with Ardupilot and your choice of connection methods. You can use PWM, Sbus, Spektrum or serial connections between the flight controller and the gimbal. You can use Mavlink or OlliW's own STorM32 mode serial. Lastly you can use native mode STorM32 as I did which is a serial connection and the Betacopter branch of Ardupilot which includes OlliW's improvements for his gimbal. Native mode has the richest set of features.

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